The developers have confirmed Ranked Play is coming, but they are unsure when.

16:31, 14 Jan 2021

It feels like it's been 84 years since Call of Duty last had a viable ranked game mode that allowed players to wilfully participate in skill-based matchmaking and be rewarded for their efforts. Modern Warfare ditched the rank system entirely, to much dismay, and Black Ops Cold War followed suit upon release. 

However, with rumours surfacing by the day that Treyarch is looking to reclaim their former glory with the addition of the beloved League Play system, the developers have now confirmed that a rank playlist is officially in the works and will be brought out in the game.

Treyarch Employee by the alias of "FoxhoundFPS" took to Reddit to defend the developers, with many becoming restless with the lack of progress. Previously, Treyarch's Lead Game Designer David Vonderhaar hit back at the king of CoD, Seth "Scump" Abner, as the SMG slayer called for a ranked mode. Vonderhaar slammed Scump's rant by reminding him that he should be thankful for the team that is trying to make a Ranked Playlist possible.

Now, FoxhoundFPS has confirmed that Treyarch is on the ball, stating "Yes. Ranked Play will be a thing. I currently don't have a timetable to share with you, however".


The lack of timescale has become food for thought for fans, who are hoping to have it around the same time as the Call of Duty League commences as of February 11.


With Gamebattles being the only competitive platform for progression and testing yourselves against better teams and players, the hole that the Ranked Playlist is leaving behind is huge - especially in terms of seeing raw talent progress into the challengers and professional scene.

Hopefully, players will be able to grind the ranks whilst watching the top talent in the world kick off the season at the Atlanta Home Series.



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Image via Activision | Treyarch 

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