These levels are not only challenging, but also punishing.

17:31, 24 Dec 2020

Fall Guys rose to success over the summer after the unique battle royale became a popular option for both streamers and the gaming public. The appeal of Fall Guys, especially when it first came out in August, is its vast array of games and levels that players must conquer to make it to the top.

These games not only made Fall Guys replayable, but they also provided streamers with plenty of varying situations to commentate or stream on. With a huge audience of players around the world, Fall Guys mini-games rely on random chance for a player to succeed. This is most of what makes Fall Guys so much fun - players never know what they're in for, even if they've played a mini-game before.

For players solely trying to climb the ranks of the Fall Guys world, however, these mini-games can be a bit challenging and, at times, irritating. Many players find themselves given a bad hand during team games, dealing with the chaos and calamity of the game's multitude of tail games, or facing huge obstacles that could bring their demise at any moment. These three factors have led to a huge discussion in the Fall Guys community - the ranking of Fall Guys challenges.


Below are our choices for the top five worst Fall Guys levels. These levels are ranked based on opinion,not fact, so if you find yourself enjoying these levels, that's awesome! These are simply the levels that we have found most challenging or chaotic. Without further ado, let's jump right in to the Fall Guys Hall of Shame.


5. Tail Tag


To start off our list is one of Fall Guys' most notorious tail games. This mini-game plays much like a game of tag combined with popular party game Capture the Flag. Randomly-selected players are fitted with a golden tail, which everyone else is set out to capture.


Once the game starts, chaos ensues as all players attempt to rush players with tails. Once a player captures a tail, they gain invincibility from other Fall Guys for about a second - which is not nearly enough time for them to get away from the chaos. Without a strategy, players might find themselves desperately trying to escape a mob of others or even hopelessly pursuing a trail of other players hell-bent on stealing another player's tail.

It is for this reason that many players with tails, regardless of what overall team they're on, choose to work together, guarding one another from the vicious onslaught of Fall Guys without tails.


This mini-game made it to the list due to its sheer pandemonium and random outcome. A player could keep their tail the entire match but still disqualify because most of their team's tails got stolen. Unlike Tail Team Tag, which relies on nearly the same set of rules but with one team possessing tails, rather than a random set of players, Tail Tag is much too random for most players to predict. This makes it difficult for players to master, and common for players to disqualify in.


4. Roll Out


While not a notorious team-based game, Roll Out is nearly as challenging as one. This mini game relies on players to dodge obstacles on a giant rolling log, leaping over gaps and platforms, to make it to the finish line.


The huge disadvantage of this level is that despite its free-for-all nature, many opponents can't help but bring other players down. It is all too common for a player to disqualify because someone else nudged them into a gap or pushed them down the rolling log. This level is already difficult for newcomers who are unfamiliar with the physics of the Fall Guys world, but adding the obstacle of other players makes this level surprisingly difficult.

Once players master the physics of the Fall Guys world and learn to dodge other players, Roll Out becomes a bit less challenging. Until then, however, this level is chaotic at best and unfair at worst.


3. See-Saw


See Saw, one of the game's most notorious racing levels, has been the death of many new and seasoned players in the past few months. This game seems simple in theory - race other players across a multitude of see-saws until reaching the finish line.


However, a cruel fact comes to light once a player is dropped into the mini-game - many Fall Guys players either don't have patience or don't know how to operate a see-saw. This results in many players rushing to one side of the see-saw, causing players that aren't quick enough to jump from the ever-steepening grade to fall.


This level has reached notoriety for this reason, making it one of the game's most difficult early levels. Players often find themselves unable to qualify as they try the same series of platforms over and over again, only to disqualify after the majority of players that caused them to fall in the first place reach the finish line.

This is the first level of Fall Guys that many players experience, which is an instant lesson in how cruel this cute world can really be.


2. Hoarders


Another, that sounds easy in concept but difficult in practice, is notorious team game, Hoarders. The game relies on players and their randomly-assigned team to collect massive beach balls and guide them to their side. The team with the most wins and the team with the least disqualifies.


The issue with this mini-game is, again, the chaotic team-based element. Most Hoarders matches turn into free-for-all calamity, as even teammates can betray their team and aide another to victory.

This game is especially notorious for players on the Yellow Team, as after the summer's Yellow Team meme, many players (including Yellow Team members) target them, placing intense pressure on players randomly assigned that colour.

Overall, Hoarders is not difficult conceptually, but its random nature has led to many players disqualifying, despite their best attempts at mastering the game. In the end, it all comes down to the player's team and how willing its members are to cooperate.


1. Fruit Chute


This game has taken the number one spot in our list of worst Fall Guys games because it is absolutely merciless. The game sounds simple enough - run up a conveyor belt to reach the finish line up at the top of the map. Factoring in the obstacles, however, turns this simple concept into a fight to survive. Giant fruit is periodically shot from cannons lining the conveyor belt, where it will later land to roll down onto players.


This, added with the obstacle of other Fall Guys, makes this challenge nearly impossible for players to perfect. Strategies can be thrown out the window as your Fall Guy bumps into other players and falls over, nearing the end of the conveyor belt. Nowhere is safe from the flying fruit, as cannons are lined up near the middle, left, and right of the map. To win at Fruit Chute seems to be random, as speed and control mastery are no match for the random obstacles of both players and fruit.

Fruit Chute is punishing to new players, especially those that are not yet familiar with the Fall Guys physics. A win in this mini-game is based on luck, as even the most seasoned player might find themselves struggling near the end of the conveyor belt after being pelted with both fruit and flying Fall Guys.


Overall, these levels are not only challenging in nature, but also seriously luck-based. Any player that learns to master these definitely deserves whatever hoard of Crowns they have at their disposal. Learning to master the luck and skill that these levels require not only takes countless hours of play, but also patience. Until more players rise up the ranks to challenge these levels, they will live in infamy as some of the most difficult that Fall Guys has to offer.




Images via Mediatonic Games.

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