Here's how to find all eleven Tony Hawk's Pro Skater secret tape locations..

17:00, 12 Sep 2020

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 + 2 has been an instant success after its launch on August 14, with huge streamers taking to the game and millions of players grabbing a fresh board to show off their finest tricks and flips. Tony Hawk himself even featured on NICKMERCS' stream, talking him through the game and some simple tricks that can rack up a huge score.

Within the game, you can collect eleven secrets "tapes", which are hidden in various locations. Finding them is one of the challenges players need to take on to complete each stage of the game.

Here's how to find all eleven secret Tony Hawk tape locations.

Tony Hawk Tape Locations


The first of the secret tapes is in Downhill Jam. By taking the path furthest to the left, go up the ramp prior to reaching the dam. Here, grind along two valves and jump over the two gaps, subsequently reach a further ramp with an arrow that leads to a small platform with rails. Here you will find the first tape.



Entering downtown, get onto the rooftop of the main building and then turn left. By jumping across a ramp to land on a second rooftop, you will find another of Tony Hawk's tape locations.

#3 - HANGAR: 


Style points here. When you've reached the hangar, grind along the helicopter's blades to make it take off. Once airborne, go through the hangar door that it opens.

#4 - MALL:


This one is rather simple. Within the mall, jump from the ramp near the abandoned car and grind along the suspended light rail to find number four.


The big apple holds another secret tape. Skate up along the elevated subway tracks found in NYC, and jump off the tracks onto a ramp. Here you will then grind along a pair of rails in the air. Make sure you head away from the trains at the start.


Simple. All you need to do to find this secret tape is grind all the way along the rail above the large fountain. The tape will be at the end.

Tony Hawk Tape Locations Philadelphia
Tony Hawk Tape Locations: #6 - Philadelphia

#7 - SCHOOL: 


There are two tapes in the school. The first is in the air between the roof of the gym and the building opposite.

#8 - SCHOOL II: 

The second can be found by using a plant box to ramp onto an awning and then wallride onto the library roof. Once on the roof, jump across a gap to the eighth Tony Hawk tape location.

#9 - STREETS: 


Where it all began, on the streets. The tape here is found by jumping onto the fountain in the main plaza near the gazebo. When on top of the fountain then go up a series of ramps onto the highest available rooftop, and jump down onto the gazebo roof. You cannot make this jump without being on the highest rooftop.


Number ten is on the shore. Once in Venice, head to the park. Jump off a table in the centre of the park to grab the tape in the air. The location is easy to spot but takes skill to reach. It becomes easier if the faster you're going and the higher your ollie/air time stats are.



The final secret tape is in a secret room on the right-hand side of the school, directly above a half-pipe.


This guide should take you to all eleven secret Tony Hawk tape locations, allowing you to complete all of the challenges and work your way through the game with style.


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