Todd Howard Confirms You’ll Be Able To Mod The Sh*t Out Of Starfield

Todd Howard Confirms You’ll Be Able To Mod The Sh*t Out Of Starfield
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11th Nov 2021 13:37

Hear ye, hear ye mod-makers. Get your Creation Kits at the ready because Starfield will be following in Skyrim and Fallout's footsteps and have full mod support, according to Bethesda boss, Todd Howard. 

The release date for Starfield is getting ever closer and fans can't wait to blast off to 'Skyrim in space'. Despite there not being a lot of detail known about the game, Bethesda has pretty generous in sharing various bits of information to tease the fans' curiosity. 

Now, we know a few more, thanks to Game Director and Executive Producer at Bethesda Game Studios, Todd Howard. Howard took to Reddit to conduct an AMA with fans and revealed some exciting new information about the upcoming sci-fi game. 

Will You Be Able To Use Mods In Starfield?

In the Reddit post, when one fan asked if Starfield will support mods, Howard said: "Our plan [is for it to] have full mod support like our previous games. Our modding community has been with us for 20 years. We love what they do and hope to see more make a career out of it." So, it's good news for mod-lovers out there. It's clear that Bethesda is aware of the huge impact that the modding community had had on its games, like Skyrim and Fallout. There are even some who would argue that Skyrim is "only a great game because of mods."

However, this wasn't the only snippet of information Howard shared about Starfield. We now know a little bit more about how player customisation will work as Howard said: "You also can pick your pronoun (he, she, they) and we've recorded all the relevant dialogue to support that choice." Along with this, Howard stated that players will have their own robot companions. Well, "kind of." According to Howard, we can expect to see some of the ground-breaking innovations Bethesda has been working on by Summer, 2022.  

What Else Did Todd Howard During The AMA?

Starfield wasn't the only topic of conversation which fans were keen to find out more about. In the post, Howard answered questions from fans about everything from personal topics, to Fallout, and, of course, Elder Scrolls 6. No, sadly, he didn't share a long-awaited release date, but he did say: "We know it's a long wait, we're with you. For Father's Day this year my son gave me a card that said, "You're an amazing Dad, but where's TES6?". Howard then went on to acknowledge that Bethesda is aware of the long waiting gaps in between the release of its games. 

Fallout fans will be glad to know that Howard confirmed that Amazon's upcoming TV show based on the retro futuristic game franchise is still going ahead. Also, he stated that he does indeed get to the Cloud District very often. Take that, Nazeem. Who knows? Thomas The Tank Engine may be taking on the depths of space, as well as Tamriel. 


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