Tips and Tricks to Help You Dominate with the Wingman in Apex Legends

19:00, 02 Jan 2020

During the first couple of months or so, the Wingman in Apex Legends was among the most used weapons. Alongside the Peacekeeper shotgun, the Heavy-ammo pistol was nearly universally praised for its accuracy and deadly range. However, after a series of nerfs, the Wingman currently sits in the middle to upper tier of weapons. While not as dominant as it once was, it’s still a weapon you should pick up for every situation. 

Although, as with any FPS weapon, the Wingman is difficult to master. While practice is key, we have a couple of extra tips to help with mastering the Wingman. 

Equipping the 2x HCOG Scope 

Though it’s not a tip specific to the Wingman’s mechanics, using the 2x Scope will help you with figuring out the weapon’s aim and recoil. 

The 2x HCOG Scope should be equipped any time you are wielding a Wingman. Not only does it zoom in on your target, but the 2x Scope allows you to see your surroundings unlike a 3x Scope and beyond. 

It’s not a coincidence that the gold Wingman comes equipped with a 2x Scope. This is by far the best attachment you can have on the weapon. While the iron sights of the Wingman aren’t awful, sometimes you can lose sight of your target using them. With the 2x Scope, it becomes much easier to locate and stay on target while shooting at an enemy.

Popular Apex Legends TheGamingMerchant recently released a video detailing the 2x Scope’s abilities, specific to the Wingman. According to him, there is a common misconception with how players aim using the 2x Scope. 

When aiming at an enemy, you want to make sure your enemy is directly in the middle of the 2x Scope’s reticle. We recommend using the Firing Range to practice this, as it can really help when using the Wingman.

Understanding the weapon sway of the Wingman 

Like most FPS titles, the weapons in Apex Legends feature some sway while aiming down sights. This is a common mechanic that makes a big difference if understood correctly. 

With the Wingman specifically, the weapon sway tends to stick on the Y-Axis, meaning it only goes up and down. In order to counteract the vertical weapon sway, you should try to shoot at a target when the weapon sway is on the way back up. Make sure to aim for an enemy’s midsection so you don’t overshoot them.

Apex Legends Wingman

Another helpful tip regarding weapon sway is to pull down on the aiming stick when you’re firing. After every shot, the reticle will reset back to the middle, so if you keep pulling down while firing, your Wingman’s reticle should remain on target. 

As aforementioned, practice is key with both of these tips. So, if you want to master the Wingman, head into the Firing Range and try to incorporate these tips into your arsenal.

Images via Electronic Arts

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