TimTheTatMan – The Climb To The Crown

TimTheTatMan – The Climb To The Crown

Written by 

Katie Memmott


20th Aug 2020 16:00

Fall Guys has taken over the gaming world. From the most casual gamer to top streamers and content creators – everyone is falling for the little beans. But, as anyone who has played the game knows, it can be very frustrating to play – and difficult to win. The boneless physics, and infuriating Team rounds, serve to destroy the morale of even the most seasoned streamer. In this case, that streamer was TimTheTatMan.

Best known for playing Fortnite, Overwatch, and other titles, with big gaming names such Ninja, Nadeshot, and DrLupo, Timothy John Betar (TimTheTatMan) started playing the “kids game” Fall Guys, expecting it to be just another feather in his gaming cap. Oh, how wrong he was.

Tim struggled consistently since the release of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout on August 4, (although he began steaming the game on August 11), treating his captivated audience to straight-up fails, near-clutches, and temper tantrums.

His frustration caught the eye of the Fall Guys game official Twitter account (ran by the best community manager of all time - Oliver, Age 24), who proceeded to meme and grief Tim in the most hilarious ways. All while remaining supportive, of course.

TimTheTatMan himself appeared to be slipping further into insanity (and into the slime) as the days drew on, but no win manifested. Maybe Tim should have read our guide on how to win...

However, the numbers were looking spicy, and Tim's stuffed penguin is going to need that ad money for therapy.

But on Wednesday, August 19, after one long, hard week of playing Fall Guys – the moment finally came, and 340,000 people were there to watch the long-awaited crowning.

A tense Hex-A-Gone final round scored Tim the win he had been waiting so long (and trying so hard) for.

It was truly one of the biggest gaming moments of the year so far, and the celebrations were unmatched.

Who knows if TimTheTatMan can keep his winning streak going and become the best Fall Guys steamer on earth? Maybe we'll even see him compete in the upcoming Twitch Rivals Fall Guys tournament on August 28?

Watch this space - and the rising slime.

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Katie is the former Sub Editor and Freelancer Coordinator at GGRecon.

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