The Witcher's Geralt Of Rivia In Cyberpunk Is The DLC We All Need

The Witcher's Geralt Of Rivia In Cyberpunk Is The DLC We All Need

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Jack Marsh


19th Dec 2020 09:45

CD Projekt has blessed the gaming world with two of the most brilliantly contrasting RPG's of the last five years: The Witcher 3 and Cyberpunk 2077. Released five years apart, the two games couldn't have been further from each other, with The Witcher capitalising on the brutality of the medieval fantasy era and Cyberpunk casting minds into unknown fifty years ahead of its time. 

However, if two worlds could collide by plucking Geralt of Rivia from the mythological past and place him in the futuristic barbaric Night City, then who wouldn't be intrigued. After all, there are still select similarities. Open brothels, crime running ragged throughout the lands, and apparently, long hair is back in fashion for guys. Sounds like Geralt and Keanu Reeves have a lot to bond over.

One talented illustrator by the name "RX" has now brought this fantasy to fruition, if only as a concept, and we're living for it. Equipped with weapons, a new noble steed, and a robotic arm to replace Geralt's witchcraft, RX's design even dives into how the hunter would fight in Cyberpunk 2077.

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RX dove into some detail of the concept designs, comparing Geralt's gallant horse, "Roach", to a 2077 motorbike. With Roach's electronic heart beating within, the two-wheeler will certainly give Geralt the horsepower needed to bolt around Night City.

As is the nature of the fighting, guns are more popular with mobsters in the future. In this department, RX trades the Iron and Silver swords out for a Plasma Pistol (to diminish cyborgs), and a Revolver (a timeless classic that is lethal to humans).

When it comes to Geralt's five spells used in The Witcher, RX allows a robotic arm to act in a similar fashion. Boasting abilities such as Shockwave, Energy Shield, Flamethrower, and Hack Mode, this takes witchcraft straight into the 21st century and the technological age that takes over.

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So the only question that looms now is, who would win in a scrap to the death? Geralt of Night City, or V?


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Image via CD Projekt

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