The Witcher 3 Player Discovers Gruesome Use For Severed Heads

The Witcher 3 Player Discovers Gruesome Use For Severed Heads
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Joseph Kime


14th Dec 2021 14:02

The Witcher 3 is one of those games that'll remain timeless. Much like Skyrim, its dense world and intense fantasy themes just keep players coming back.

Ever since the launch of The Witcher 3 in 2015, more and more players seem to stumble upon The Continent and find themselves unable to leave. But in a good way.

The good thing about this, is that when the game gets a fresh set of eyes, players will find more and more features that we didn't know were there and unveil a whole new way to play. Like one, who has discovered a hidden use for severed heads. Cheery!

The Witcher Player Creates Weapons With Severed Heads

One wannabe Witcher has discovered that severed heads in The Witcher 3 might not just have to be severed heads - they could act be deadly weapons.

The Witcher fan RussianNixon has shared a video to the Witcher subreddit that shows a bizarre turn - where he somehow managed to kill an enemy with his friend's head, that the player had lopped off just beforehand. Talk about adding insult to injury.

The altercation is shown in the video, as Geralt takes on three baddies. He dispatches the first easily, before decapitating the second. His head pings clean off his shoulders and rockets into his pal, somehow killing him instantly. Well, that's a first.

This may not have been intentional, but it's a result. It's great for both in-game Geralt with an easy kill and RussianNixon for some Reddit clout.

Fans React To The Witcher 3 Severed Head Kill

The Witcher 3 Severed Head
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Fans have reacted to the brilliant kill in the comments and are loving the bizarre logic of the game to make the strange kill work. "One might call that a headshot," says the top comment. 

Some commenters are trying to rationalise the kill itself, though - "I think the game registered the follow-through swing as a hit rather than the head,", said someone. "In my 'head' canon it was the severed noggin that killed the other bandit."

We agree that it's not quite as fun to dissect the action, so let's just accept that it was the head that killed the bandit.

The kill is incredibly strange to watch, but it's a testament to the endless possibilities of such a vast fantasy world. Check in next week when someone plays golf with a severed head in The Witcher 3... probably.


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