Our guide to the week 2 Intel missions in Warzone

20:00, 26 Jun 2020

Modern Warfare Season 4 saw more challenges introduced, with a mixture of daily and weekly challenges available to earn XP and even epic/legendary rewards such as calling cards. In addition to more challenges becoming available, there were more missions added, which can result in epic/legendary weapon variants being unlocked, and this season has added ‘Intel’ missions. Based around the story of Warzone, these challenges will require you to locate intel drops around the maps based upon clues given to you in the menu. Here we will walk you through the seven objectives and intel locations.

Week 2 – Objective 1: Find the location in the message Ghost sent you

The clue for this objective is a picture of the drained pool nearby Storage Town.


The intel you are searching for here is a golden coin, which is located on the balcony overlooking the pool. By accessing the middle door in the main pool room, heading up the stairs and round onto the balcony, the coin will be visible on top of a table. Interact with the coin to collect it and move on to the second mission.


Objective 2: Sigint was relayed from airport military wing…

The clue for this objective is a note containing the whereabouts of Zakhaev’s intel, indicating the location to be on the west side of Airport.


The intel will be in the form of a laptop, which can be found inside the L-shaped cargo containers nearby the crashed aeroplane. 


Objective 3: Communication interference tracked to a western bunker

This objective shows an image of bunker 3, near Boneyard. Here you will be looking for a communication device.


Again the intel will be a laptop. To access this you will have to enter the bunker and proceed down the latch. Once underground, the laptop should be visible in the far left corner.


Objective 4: An enemy laptop could supply intel

For this objective, you will be shown a letter hinting to the bunkers again, and a laptop within.


The intel here is actually in the very location that objective three was in, although you cannot do both within the same game. The quote 'need a solid perk to hack in' correlates to the spotter perk. You will need to have this equipped to be able to collect the intel again from the same location. This means you will have to either acquire your loadout with the Spotter perk activated or grab this objective on plunder where you will spawn in with your loadout.

Objective 5: A meeting took place downtown

The clue for objective five is an image of two black vans in downtown. For this you will have to fly directly to that spot.


Inside the building on the left of the image will be a meeting room with chairs and a whiteboard. The intel here will be a sticky note from the whiteboard.


Objective 6: The enemy wants to catch a train

Well, there's only one place this was ever going to be. The clue will show the previously collected sticky note indicating a train time.


Although this is only step six, this is the last intel to be collected. Here you will head to the Train Station where the intel will be found on the train schedule board. By interacting with the board you will complete objective six and seven, and subsequently unlock a calling card and mass amounts of XP. 



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Image via Activision

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