The NY Post Labels Valkyrae A 'Bikini Streamer', And Her Fans Are Not Happy

The NY Post Labels Valkyrae A 'Bikini Streamer', And Her Fans Are Not Happy

Written by 

Joseph Kime


10th May 2021 12:45

Rachel “Valkyrae” Hofstetter has been very busy recently. In April, she was revealed as one of the new co-owners of Los Angeles-based gaming organisation 100 Thieves and has been growing exponentially as one of the real streamers to watch. She’s dealt with a hell of a lot too, being forced to set her Twitter to private after being targeted by a stalker, and she also admitted recently that she considered quitting streaming altogether due to incredible amounts of hate. Valkyrae has a hard time as a content creator - but something else has made things for her a lot worse.


Valkyrae Labelled Bikini Streamer by NY Post
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The NY Post’s Sexist Streamer Stereotyping

In an article taking a look at the ‘Hot Tub Meta’ that’s found its way to Twitch recently, the NY Post put together some comments from the “bikini streamers” in question. One of the names they draw from is Valkyrae, who isn’t even slightly a part of the hot tub community, nor does she even stream on Twitch.

The notion that Valk is singled out as a “bikini streamer” simply because she’s a woman who just so happens to stream is an abhorrent one, and one that her fans certainly haven’t taken too lightly.

Valkyrie spoke out in support of the so-called bikini streamers, but that doesn’t mean by any stretch that she streams in their category. The blatant sexism in the article has rubbed a lot of people the wrong way, and while Valkyrae herself is yet to comment, it’s an oversight (and serious lack of research) that has upset a lot of fans. Here’s hoping that the NY Post retract their statement, otherwise this blunder could cause them a lot more trouble later down the line.

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