Who needs Blueprint Games when you have devoted fans?

20:31, 16 Jan 2021

Many people will struggle to remember The Legend of Dragoon, the PlayStation 1 exclusive that was released in 1999, but for many, it was the first iteration of gaming that transcended into a lifetime hobby.

The single-player Japanese role-playing game (JRPG), which saw the user control Dart as the leader of a group of warriors from the world of 'Endiness', sold over one million copies. Operating a 3D combatant with a large emphasis on slicing and dicing opponents with old-school weaponry like swords and shields, for many this was an introduction to fighting games and RPGs. With games such as the Final Fantasy Series now topping the charts within the genre, The Legend of Dragoon can be seen as the front-runner that incepted JRPGs.

Until recently, you would have had to dust the shelves and drag out a PS1 from the depths of your loft to play The Legend of Dragoon. However, thanks to a devoted fan named "Flanvel", this is no longer necessary.

Flanvel has remade the game using an RPG Maker MV, allowing players to access Endiness from their PCs. Although the graphics are still extremely outdated, this almost adds to the experience with a huge injection of nostalgia.

The game, available through the makers' Patreon page contains everything that the original did, with the Pokemon-esque free roam followed by close-up duels. 


Blueprint Games have previously teased fans regarding a full remake of the game to be released on the PS5. Although an official plan has never been revealed. With fans eagerly anticipating a full rework, Flanvel's iteration is acting as a band-aid to tie people over for now.


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Image via Sony Entertainment

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