The Last Of Us Set Photos Reveal First Look At Infected Outbreak

The Last Of Us Set Photos Reveal First Look At Infected Outbreak
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Tom Chapman


29th Oct 2021 10:11

HBO’s The Last of Us series is shuffling toward us, as filming continues in Canada. Game of Thrones alumni Bella Ramsey and Pedro Pascal are leading the fight as Ellie and Joel, with the high budget and high action series leaning close into Naughty Dog’s game series of the same name.

Given HBO’s acclaimed history with delivering daring dramas - plus the fact Chernobyl’s Craig Mazin is showrunner - The Last of Us has already overcome its first hurdle of drumming up interest.

Since filming began, there have been a slew of unofficial photos that have wormed their way out of the top-secret set. It’s good, because let's be honest, HBO’s only official still of Ramsey and Pascal looked like a screenshot from a game. With more pictures coming by the day, we’ve now got a closer look at the Cordyceps infection outbreak.

What Do The Last Of Us Set Photos Show?

Heading back to 2013’s first game, the human race was ravaged by a fungus-like infection known as Cordyceps. After a harrowing opening, the story jumped forward 20 years and picked up with Joel Miller after he was tasked with leading a seemingly immune girl across this mouldy apocalypse.

Game Director Neil Druckmann has promised the series will be a faithful retelling of the games, and from what we’ve seen so far, this is definitely the case. The latest snaps feature Pascal’s Joel alongside Anna Torv’s Tess and Ramsey’s Ellie.

It’s hard to determine what’s going on in this scene, but some speculate Joel and Tess are arguing about something. Even though there are no spoilers here, others think this could be a huge moment for Tess that’s pulled directly from the games.

When Will We Get More From The Last Of Us?

It's still baffling to think HBO hasn't given us a close-up look at the show's leads from the front. For now, we're left trawling the Twitterverse looking for even a hint of what's going on behind the curtain. With the latest photos confirming the cast are now in a Cordyceps hive, how much longer until we get a proper look at the Infected themselves?

Much like the zombies of The Walking Dead, there's a lot riding on what The Last of Us' monsters look like. Here's hoping Mazin and co. go for the practical Romero-esque effects instead of the CGI route. There's no official word on when this gritty reimagining will debut its 10-episode first season, however, director Kantemir Balagov's Instagram hints that a 2022 The Last of Us release date could be on the cards.


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