The Last Of Us Series Adds An Original Character

The Last Of Us Series Adds An Original Character
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16th Jul 2021 13:44

For many, The Last Of Us’ story is unmatched. Naughty Dog’s masterpiece is a sombre and remarkably emotionally affecting title that helped many to recognise video games as much more than a form of entertainment - a game that proved the incredible storytelling capabilities of its medium. It would be blasphemous, then, for the upcoming series to make bold and serious additions and changes to the existing story. It’s perfect as it is, right?

Well, it looks like the series has plenty of ambition, as it has been revealed that an entirely new character will be coming to the series. But in a way, fans will likely be glad of their arrival in the story.

The Last Of Us Series Adds New Original Character

The Last Of Us Series Adds New Original Character
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As a surprise to many fans, The Last Of Us’ upcoming HBO series is indeed adding a brand-new character to the story who wasn’t present in the game, but they’re bringing some of the game’s alumni to the series in the process.

Deadline has reported that the characters Bill and his partner Frank have been cast in the shape of Con O’Neill and Murray Bartlett respectively, and that the new character is coming too.

The new character is named Perry, a ‘rebel in a quarantine zone’, which could end up being Boston if the series is truly clinging to the narrative of the game. But, fans may not be in complete dismay just yet - as Perry is played by Jeffrey Pierce, who voiced Joel’s brother Tommy in the original game.

It’s a big change to come to the story, but we’ll certainly be excited to see Pierce make an appearance. It’s clear that the series is very dedicated to those who created its source material, as evidenced by the casting of Merle Dandridge as Fireflies leader Marlene, who is played by the very same actress in the game.

It might have been alarming news for some if it weren’t for Tommy’s voice actor taking Perry’s role, but either way, we’re curious to see what the series’ team does with The Last Of Us. It’s got a big reputation to uphold.


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