The Last Of Us Series Scripts Called 'Breath-taking'

The Last Of Us Series Scripts Called 'Breath-taking'
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21st Jul 2021 17:08

In case you weren't already suitably pumped for HBO's The Last of Us series, one of the OG voice actors from Naughty Dog's game of the same name has described the scripts as "breath-taking". 

With an all-star cast that includes Game of Thrones favourites Bella Ramsey and Pedro Pascal, promises of faithfully adapting the games, and Chernobyl's Craig Mazin at the helm, The Last of Us could be one of the biggest television events in recent years. 

Who described The Last of Us scripts as 'breathtaking'?

While Jeffrey Pierce won't be reprising his role as Tommy in the series, the famed voice actor has a part to play a new character called Perry. Described as a "rebel in the quarantine zone", Perry doesn't sound too dissimilar to the problematic Tommy. Sadly, that part has gone to Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s Gabriel Luna

When it comes to someone knowing The Last of Us inside out, Pierce as about as qualified as they come. Discussing the scripts with the To All The Films We Judged Before podcast, Pierce said, "I’ve read a couple of the scripts, and they are breathtaking, every piece of tone and texture of the game exists in the writing, and then it’s a hundred times more because you get to do so much more [because] it’s all cinematic it’s not at all gameplay". 

Continuing to hype Mazin's work as a gritty recreation of the games, Pierce added, "I think they’re the best scripts I’ve ever seen in terms of level of detail, level of texture, capturing of the essence of Joel and Ellie, and all the other characters. It is going to be phenomenal". He concluded, "Knowing that what you’re walking into is going to be something that can’t help but be excellent is a great feeling".

What else do we know about The Last of Us?

Right now, it's full-steam ahead with filming The Last of Us. After Luna shared a shot of himself, Pascal, and Dumbo's Nico Parker, the trio are apparently filming the show's pilot. We shared some behind the scenes shots of a heavy police and SWAT presence, suggesting the first episode will follow the opening of 2013's game closely.

At the moment, filming is underway in Alberta, Canada - with a lengthy production process due to last until next June. With this is mind, The Last of Us currently doesn't have a release date.

Fans are hopeful for a late-2022 release date, but in reality, we're probably looking at 2023. How much of a role Pierce's Perry has remains to be seen, but here's hoping the OG Tommy actor has more than just a cameo.


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