Easter Egg Proves Uncharted And The Last Of Us Are In The Same Universe

Easter Egg Proves Uncharted And The Last Of Us Are In The Same Universe

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Jack Marsh


26th Mar 2021 14:43

Despite being four years older than its younger naughty brother, Uncharted 4 played host to a The Last of Us Easter Egg all along, and just before the chocolate season hits full swing, one Reddit user has shared it with the world.

The Easter Bunny is still stacking the shelves of ASDA and Walmart ahead of the international holiday that Augustus Gloop and Willy Wonka cherish dearly, but Reddit user "kheinrichs547" has been hunting gaming Easter eggs, and uncovered a cracker. 

The Last of Us and Uncharted series are linked by developers and have shared an Easter Egg in the past, but as players begin to complete more thorough run-throughs of TLOU: Part II, it appears they also share a common supplier.

Having played out where I would hide in a post-apocalyptic dystopian world, I would have never guessed a pharmacy would be the winning ticket, but according to the Easter Egg, Weston's Pharmacy has been intertwined in both games. The pills which are used in the Uncharted 4 storyline are branded from Weston's, which is also the brand of shop that The Last of Us players are accustomed to visiting. 

The pills found by "kheinrichs547" in Uncharted clearly shows that both games are linked in some sense. With this link, it could be possible that both stories are played out in the same universe, just in completely different settings. 

A previous Easter Egg found in Uncharted 3 references a newspaper headline to an outbreak of a deadly fungus - the same plague that wiped out genocides in The Last of Us series. 

With Naughty Dog as the developer, maybe a collaboration between Joel Miller and Nathan Drake could be on its way.


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