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20:00, 25 Jan 2021

After months of preparing for their 2021 season, all of that went down the drain due to a lack of recovery on financial investors. Because of this, Chaos Esports Club was forced into a situation that no team leader ever wants to be put into. The head of management at Chaos EC was required to inform their roster on the team’s departure from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO).

A group of talented young pros were then dropped and left with nothing in the competitive scene. After having to make some tough choices, two players have already decided to move away from CS:GO for good. Seeing how successful the ex-Chaos EC roster was, they shouldn't have a hard time finding a new line of work in esports. 


The IGL known for his AWPing skills has officially retired from competitive CS:GO. Anthony "vanity" Malaspina made his debut in 2016, but really began popping up in forum pages around 2018. Vanity was just your average online pub stomper up until he received an offer from Team Singularity. 

In just two months, Vanity had earned over thirty thousand dollars before singing with eUnited, and later on Chaos EC. Vanity has recently decided to move on to VALORANT as a full-time streamer rather than joining a team. This way, he can schedule his own hours and compete at a level which is comfortable for him.


Nathan "leaf" Orf was definitely one of the most successful players on the team due to his entry fragging abilities. At the age of just seventeen years old, Leaf has played in every single tier imaginable. In two years he earned roughly forty thousand dollars and built a career around his name alone. 


Leaf has officially moved onto VALORANT like his old teammate vanity, except this time - he’s playing for Cloud9. The transition was natural due to the game’s movement and shooting mechanics being similar to CS:GO. Now leaf will have his time to shine in VALORANT and leave a mark on the game like he did with CS:GO


While his old teammates move away from the classic online title, Erick "Xeppaa" Bach is still unsure about his future in esports. Xeppaa is currently streaming a mixture of games including both CS:GO and VALORANT, day in and day out. Even though Xeppaa is a DreamHack Master Champion, it seems he still feels lost within his career. 

No longer can he depend on a fully-funded org with great players, but instead can spend this year finding his inner passion. He has a great track record in CS:GO and will most likely have a choice to join a pro VALORANT team.  


Jonathan "Jonji" Carey has recently joined forces with some old teammates hoping to sign with an org for 2021. His current group consists of both Peter "ptr" Gurney and Nick “alter” Jackson who are looking to enter the competitive pool once again. Jonji was killing it before joining Chaos EC, but eventually soared with the team during 2020.

They were unstoppable, up until finances crashed and there was no team to be found. Unlike the rest of the crew, Jonji is working on a revamp for his career rather than switching games for good. He definitely has a lot of work ahead of him based on the competition this year.  


Edgar "MarKE" Maldonado seems to be in the same position as his old teammate vanity - not knowing if he wants to take a new path to VALORANT or stick with CS:GO. MarKE only played with Chaos EC for three months but still helped them achieve their crown at DreamHack Masters. 


He won back to back titles including IEM New York and helped Chaos EC earn over seventy thousand dollars in under a month. Just like the rest of ex-Chaos EC, MarKE definitely deserves a home either within VALORANT or CS:GO. He was clearly a dominant force in CS:GO, so why should that have to change in VALORANT?  


Now for the man that coached Chaos EC till the very end. Matthew "mCe" Elmore spent roughly nine months building a team worthy of dominating the pros. He spent countless hours analysing his team’s mistakes and discovering what needed to be fixed. 

Based on the team’s performance last year, mCe was clearly successful when it came to building a roster. With mCe having a small history as a player, his options are limited when it comes to work. He stated that a transition to VALORANT is definitely a possibility; he just needs a proper org to work with.

Chaos EC was hands down one of the most entertaining teams to watch throughout 2020. Even though their team was full of rookies, they still became back to back champions. The future looks extremely bright for everyone who either played for or coached Chaos EC. 




Images via Chaos Esports Club 

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