The God Of War Ragnarok Release Has A Secret Meaning

The God Of War Ragnarok Release Has A Secret Meaning
Images via Sony Santa Monica

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Tom Chapman


8th Nov 2022 15:47

It's the release to end all releases, and in a year that's already boasted the likes of Horizon Forbidden West, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, and (obviously) Elden RingGod of War Ragnarok is coming for the crown. The Ghost of Sparta is dusting off his Blades of Chaos, as Christopher Judge once again reprises his role as the hot-headed Kratos for the final chapter of the Norse saga.

There's a suitably finite theme to the latest God of War, which likely comes from the fact "Ragnarok" means the end of days in Norse mythology. More than this, though, the game's release apparently has a hidden meaning. With God of War Ragnarok finally unleashing its full fury on November 9, you might want to look to the skies for a mind-blowing Easter egg. 

What Is The God Of War Ragnarok Release Easter Egg?

As spotted by Twitter user EmManuDoll, a celestial Blood Moon is occurring on November 8/9 (depending on where you are). For those who don't know, Blood Moons were revered in Norse mythology and signalled the end of days. EmManuDoll confirms that Blood Moons were thought to mean the wolves Skoll and Hati had captured the Sun and the Moon, and by eating them, started the devastating events of Ragnarok. 

Unless you're one of the lucky few who has already played Ragnarok, you won't know how things end. Still, there's a lot of speculation that Blood Moons and cataclysmic events mean Kratos could kick the bucket and pass the baton over for Atreus to move into a new mythology for the inevitable God of War sequel. Even if Kratos is dead, there's no way the franchise at large is.

Blood Moons are caused by the Earth, the Sun, and the Moon all aligning with each other. We've seen Skoll and Hati in the God of War Ragnarok trailers, and with Atreus shooting an arrow at a Blood Moon, there's some massive symbolism that the game is releasing alongside a real-life lunar event. Apparently, that could've been the plan all along.

When Is The Blood Moon?

EmManuDoll pitched the question to Sony Santa Monica about whether timing Ragnarok's release with the Blood Moon was intentional. The account replied with a string of thinking emojis, which is the call sign for "we can't tell you, but yeah." Full Lunar eclipses are something of a rarity, and if you want to see another, you'll have to wait until the end of 2025. 

According to, the Beaver Blood Moon lunar eclipse (because it occurs during November's Full Beaver Moon) can be seen across North America, the Pacific, Australia and Asia. The full moon will pass through the Earth's shadow and get that infamous bloody colour. If you want to see the Blood Moon, you can watch it live from, however, it's already live in some territories. A happy coincidence or some of the best video game marketing we've seen? You decide. 

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