Phoebe Dua discusses the French Counter Strike scene with a unique twist

12:52, 06 Dec 2019

Hamilton is a musical and cultural phenomenon first performed in 2015. French Counter Strike peaked in the same year.

Let’s stick with this tenuous connection.

For anyone familiar with the French CS scene, it isn’t the most outlandish statement to say the drama that has occurred over the years would more than fit a Broadway production.

Looking at Hamilton, there are definite similarities between the cast of the musical and the larger-than-life French personalities.

Alexander Hamilton = shox

The golden boy of CS:GO following the Counter-Strike revolution that saw the switch from Source, shox at one point could easily have been considered the greatest player of all time.

However, his pride could certainly be said to have caused his downfall in status. Regardless, he remains a French icon despite his questionable decisions such as taking on in-game leadership and bringing back people he liked to play with over young talent.

Aaron Burr = NBK-

Both shox and NBK share the same story of brilliance in their youth and were an impressive force when together.

Like Burr and Hamilton, NBK and shox’s personal disagreements caused the relationship to break down and while shox was ‘shot’ and benched initially on G2, NBK was the one who paid for it after his project in 2018 failed.

Now ‘the villain in the French Counter-Strike history books, NBurrK had been benched from both G2 and Team Vitality, seeking redemption on an all-new international OG lineup.

Thomas Jefferson = Happy

While the exuberant persona of the reimagined Thomas Jefferson seems an odd choice for the stoic French leader, there are a few reasons I believe this works.

After seemingly materialising out of nowhere with a new name in GO (rather like Jefferson’s actor on stage switching from Lafayette), Happy was a contender as a leader to follow in the wake of Ex6TenZ.

His disagreements with shox have lasted for years and it is no secret that the bad blood between the two is far stronger on shox’s side.

James Madison = RpK

Jefferson is seen accompanied by James Madison throughout Hamilton and RpK, having followed Happy from nV to Tempo Storm to Vitality, fits the bill.

As a fellow Founding Father, Madison’s status is one of great importance to the United States just as RpK holds iconic status within the French Counter-Strike scene.

George Washington = Ex6TenZ

The highly respected leader of the French-speaking CS community, Ex6TenZ helped lead numerous French players into the top tier.

After one last time in G2 in 2018, Ex6TenZ played on Team GamerLegion before a sudden benching that has seen him remain absent from the competitive scene.

Philip Hamilton = bodyy

Raised up into the highest level of competitive Counter-Strike by shox, bodyy had significant footsteps to follow in as his potential was hyped up by shox himself.

In the end, he was unable to live up to the expectations and after just a few glimmers of hope, he shot down far before his time.

Eliza Schulyer = SmithZz

Without taking this into fanfiction territory, SmithZz can be seen as shox’s doting ‘wife’, even when shox was off doing his own thing, SmithZz’ loyalty did not waiver and he followed his best friend on multiple occasions.

In a coaching role on G2, SmithZz was able to handle things while shox was ‘too busy fighting’ the war on the server.

Angelica Schulyer = krL

The one person who was seemingly able to control shox was Source legend Sébastien "krL" Pérez. Outspoken and bold, this sees him added to the narrative as the eldest Schulyer sister.

Peggy Schulyer = apEX

The Schulyer sisters are central characters but Peggy has the smaller role in the story. For some, Peggy is forgettable and to others, she is a hilarious recurring figure.

This mirrors apEX’s performances as an entry fragger - making all the difference or borderline invisible.

Lafayette = JaCkz

Lafayette in Hamilton is outrageously French. On the now-international G2, JaCkz struggling with the shift to English might be a meme but his humorous personality helps place him into the cast as everyone’s favourite fighting Frenchman.

Maria Reynolds = kennyS

The irresistible French AWPer that shox couldn’t say no to when the opportunity to play together arose even with his own AWPer at home in the form of SmithZz.

Hercules Mulligan = ScreaM

A key part of the Hamilton story in Act 1, like Hercules Mulligan, ScreaM has been absent from the French scene story in recent years.

Charles Lee = kiosHiMa

An individual seen as a problem and when given leadership is unable to achieve results? The Europe Minor for the FACEIT Major London remembers was the Battle of Monmouth for kioShiMa.

John Laurens = Lucky

A promising figure when he first arrived in G2, Lucky’s tenure was short lived. Just like John Laurens, he was shot down before Act 2 despite all of the potential he seemed to hold upon his debut.

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