Fortnite is getting a surprise visit from the Flash, with the latest DC hero arriving early in-game via The Flash Cup limited-time tournament.

15:46, 10 Feb 2021

Barry Allen is lacing up his running shoes as the Flash is coming to Fortnite. While the Scarlet Speedster has become a major part of the Justice League in DC comics, he's running his own race in Epic Games' battle royale favourite and dashing into action early as part of The Flash Cup. Although the Flash will be able to buy as part of an in-shop bundle, those who zoom to the top of The Flash Cup have a chance to win him for themselves.

In the past, Batman, Aquaman, Harley Quinn, and Catwoman have all made their mark on the map, while there was the recent release of The Last Laugh Bundle with Poison Ivy and the Joker. Green Arrow came as part of a pretty underwhelming Fortnite Crew membership in January, and keen to keep the DC fans happy, the Flash is up next. Everyone remembers the Marvel-packed Chapter 2 Season 4, but Epic is playing fair the DC Collection continues into Season 5.


How can you play as the Flash in Fortnite?

Flash Fortnite Cup

The Flash is speeding into action in the Fortnite shop on February 13. As well as buying Barry's skin as a singular item, there's a bundle that includes the Speed Force Slashers pickaxe, Speed Force back bling, and Quick Bite emote. Season 5 has been filled with hunter-themed skins in and out of the shop, with the Flash following God of War's Kratos, Halo's Master Chief, The Walking Dead's Daryl and Michonne, and the Terminator. While Flash doesn't fit the mould of this season's hunter theme, he's still sure to be a welcome addition. 

For those who don't want to wait until February 13 (or part with their hard-earned V-Bucks), there's a chance to earn the Flash and his back bling in The Flash Cup. An Epic blog post explains, "On February 10, we're celebrating The Flash in Fortnite with a The Flash Cup, a Duos tournament. Dash into the Battle Bus with your Duos partner and play up to 10 matches in a 3-hour window. The top-performing Duos in each region will unlock The Flash Outfit and the Speed Force Back Bling before they're in the Item Shop". If you think you're the best of your region, why not try your hand at grabbing Barry Allen before everyone else?



When is the Flash coming to Fortnite?

Flash Fortnite Skin

Epic explained that timing for each region's Flash Cup can be found in the "Compete" tab. In order to enter, you need to be at least Level 30 and have two-factor authentication enabled. The times for each region are as follows: 

Europe: 17:00 GMT


North America, East and West: 18:00 EST and 21:00 EST

Duos can take part in up to 10 matches in a three-hour window, meaning you'll have to be quicker than the Flash himself. Victory Royale earn 42 points, second place 36 points, third place 32 points, and so on. The winning duos in Europe, North America East, North America West, Brazil, Asia, Oceania, and the Middle East will all be rewarded with the Flash skin and back bling before the rest of us mere mortals.


While some of us might be disappointed the Flash won't be part of the Battle Pass or Fortnite Crew - leaving us the particularly average Green Lantern - it makes sense Epic has saved the DC favourite for his own special event. Even as we head toward the final furlong of Chapter 2 Season 5, plenty of us will be "dashing" to the item shop to pick up the Flash.


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Images via Epic Games | DC Comics

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