We take a look at the very best weapons from the Black Ops games.

17:00, 22 Jul 2020

As the Modern Warfare game cycle begins its final stages, attention is slowly turning to the next instalment in the Call of Duty franchise which is rumoured to be a return to the Black Ops sub-franchise, much to the delight of fans.

Throughout the four Black Ops titles that have been released over the years, there have been hundreds of weapons ranging from underpowered semi-automatic snipers, sub-machine guns that could take down enemies from the longest of ranges, and even rifles that had to be charged up before firing.

The variety of weaponry across the Black Ops games is unmatched in comparison to Modern Warfare, which has often drawn upon a number of weapons that have featured in past titles and as we gear up for another Black Ops experience slated for release later this year, we select five weapons across all four games and explain why that they are some of the best weapons throughout the entire franchise.

#1 - FAMAS

Armed with a ridiculously fast rate of fire and minimal levels of recoil, the FAMAS from the first Black Ops game was the perfect all-rounder weapon and is still considered one of the very best weapons in the history of the entire franchise.

The fast fire rate made it deadly in close-quarters situations, often outgunning SMGs and shotguns when the FAMAS shouldn’t have stood a chance. Combined with the low recoil, it was extremely easy to use at distance and often outperformed other weapons in its respective class.

Its versatility was often a topic of conversation in the competitive scene, where the FAMAS was restricted for being that good.

Best Weapons Black Ops

#2 - VMP

The VMP sub-machine gun from Black Ops 3 is arguably one of the very best SMGs that Call of Duty has ever seen. Its superior mobility made it perfect for racing around the map, taking down any enemy that strayed into your crosshairs.

With a range of attachments to use on the VMP, it quickly became one of the most-used weapons in the entire game and like the FAMAS on the first Black Ops game, it was extremely versatile.

Towards the latter stages of Black Ops 3, the Kuda challenged for the title of best SMG but the VMPs ease of use kept it above any challengers in its class.

Best Weapons Black Ops

#3 - ICR

The ICR from Black Ops 4 dominated the AR metagame in both casual and competitive play thanks to the ability to equip two foregrips to the weapon, giving the weapon no recoil whatsoever. The lack of recoil saw the ICR excel when engaging in a target at a long distance thanks to the recoil and the low damage drop off, allowing players to take down an enemy with four or five bullets.

The ICR is a perfect example of how an assault rifle should work in Call of Duty. The ICR sometimes struggled at close distance, losing out to the Maddox and the Saug but at range, it was in a class of its own.

Best Weapons Black Ops

#4 - MSMC

It’s hard not to mention the MSMC when talking about the best weapons throughout the Black Ops games. Some may say that it was the perfect SMG, with quick aim down sight speed, high damage output at close to medium ranges and took some amount of skill to use at long distance.

Throughout the years, there have been several good SMGs in Call of Duty, but none have lived up to what the MSMC was capable of back on Black Ops 2. Maybe the gun will make a return later this year?

Best Weapons Black Ops

#5 - M8A1

Last and by no means least is the M8A1 from Black Ops 2. Widely regarded as the best burst rifle in the history of the franchise, the M8 could take down a target with one or two bursts regardless of distance, making it one of the most consistent weapons ever seen in a Call of Duty title.

The possibility to add a stock further increased its mobility, giving players the ability to strafe quickly in and out of cover, often getting the better of aggressive SMG players.

Best Weapons Black Ops

All five of these weapons would put up a fight if they were to return in the next Call of Duty game, and with a Cold War setting on the cards, some of them may well be back into the fray.

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Images via Activision

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