The European Super League Could Affect FIFA 22 Drastically

The European Super League Could Affect FIFA 22 Drastically

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Jack Marsh


19th Apr 2021 15:42

The footballing world was sent into a state of shock as the largest teams in the world have officially formed a European Super League, breaking away from domestic trophies and possibly international duties, much to the dismay of literally everyone but the power-thirsty bodies who govern the leagues.

So far, twelve clubs have been confirmed to be participating in the ESL, which could have huge ramifications for the whole of world football. 

AC Milan, Arsenal, Atlético, Chelsea, Barcelona, Internazionale, Juventus, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, Real Madrid and Tottenham have all joined the league, that could start as early as 2021 should plans go ahead.

The announcement has caused the utmost fury from players, pundits and fans worldwide, but it could also be a double whammy for FIFA fans too.

How Will The European Super League Affect FIFA 22?

Having taken a stand against the Super League, UEFA has said that "Every club and player participating in the Super League could be banned from all UEFA and FIFA competitions, European or International level" according to football journalist Fabrizio Romano.

This means that the European Super League teams may not be featured in FIFA 22.

Akin to Juventus and Roma, now known as Piemonte Calcio and Rome FC in-game, the teams may lose all rights to be included within the game, although the players may remain.

The teams may also face expulsion from the game altogether, should enforcements come into place that sees the attending players be banned from all domestic and international competitions. The players could be erased from FIFA's real-life recollection, later reflected through the game.

Despite this, the ESL is open to working with FIFA and UEFA, which will most probably see the teams added to the game, although they'll likely either filter through to the Rest of World category or another self-made league that strays away from the official name.

How Will The European Super League Affect Ultimate Team?

One of the major in-game impacts will be in FIFA Ultimate Team. Should FIFA opt to include the European Super League players (presumably under different team names), they could be removed from their respective domestic leagues, such as the Premier League and Calcio A.

Instead, they will likely be placed in their own league, meaning this will drastically change the chemistry links for relevant players.

For example, players for Liverpool may now not link with those from Everton, Leicester, and any other Premier League side, unless their nationalities are the same. They will presumably link to other teams in the Super League. Trent Alexander Arnold and Lionel Messi would make for a fearsome link down the right-hand side.


The final impact may be on the international sides. With expulsion from the World Cup, European Cup, and any other FIFA/UEFA organised international competition, the participating players will not appear on their national sides. For English fans, let's hope Jack Grealish gets a nice card otherwise England may be looking rather bleak.


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Image via FIFA | European Super League

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