Bethesda Teases The Elder Scrolls VI Map Location

Bethesda Teases The Elder Scrolls VI Map Location

Written by 

Jack Marsh


6th Jan 2021 16:52

With a new year comes a new wave of hope that the next instalment of The Elder Scrolls series will come to fruition. The Elder Scrolls VI, the successor to Skyrim, has been teased, hinted, foreshadowed, insinuated, and just about any other synonym with the same connotations for years. 

Bethesda has consistently dropped cryptic messages as to where the series can be taken, and on New Year's Day, the developers gave us another taste. In what seemed like a peaceful and kind-hearted message to fans, Bethesda tweeted "Transcribe the past and map the future. Here's to a Happy New Year!" directly from the Elder Scrolls' official account.

However, long-time Tamriel worshippers will know that the message is more than what meets the eye. The image accompanying their New Year's beacon of hope has since been ripped apart by the Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood faithful, and it appears to be a huge gesture as to where the next The Elder Scrolls game will take place.

Many theories quickly surfaced, with large candles placed north of Solitude in Skyrim, The north-eastern region of Hammerfell, and off the shores of Dawnstar into the Sea of Ghosts giving the biggest hints. However, there are also Morrowind pendants that linger near the Sea of Ghosts, suggesting that it could have ties to the whole of Tamriel.

Some have suggested that this will see the arrival of the Atmorans, a race that landed in the North of Tamriel and have yet to feature apart from being referenced to.

Others also noticed that the date of the map was 4E 182 which is before the time of the Skyrim game. 

With Elder Scrolls VI not being released until "some time after" the release of Starfield, there will be plenty more pieces to this puzzle to come.

Morrowland, Hammerfell, and Skyrim all in one map? Sounds like a dream come true.


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Image via Bethesda Studios | Microsoft

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