Play TES Online from June 16 on Stadia.

17:30, 28 May 2020

Bethesda and Google have teamed up to bring The Elder Scrolls Online (TESOnline) to the Stadia gaming platform, from June 16. 

Just when we thought Stadia might not pull through from poor sales and lack of partnerships, Bethesda has saved the day. 

Google’s new-age gaming console, without the console, is available in 14 countries and has dozens of games available to stream and play

The TES Online Stadia launch will include the latest chapter 'Greymoor' and will support cross-play and cross-progression of TES Online accounts.

The official website statement says;

Thanks to Stadia’s PC crossplay and cross-progression support, you can pick up and continue your adventures if you previously played ESO on PC/Mac or Steam, meaning you won’t lose any progression and be able to access all your characters and continue playing with your friends and guildmates as normal on the PC NA or EU megaservers. You can even switch playing between all PC platforms (PC/Mac, Stadia, Steam) at will.

Keep an eye out on June 16, and get ready to explore Western Skyrim.


Images via Bethesda

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