An exciting and incredible day in the CDL London Royal Ravens home series

09:00, 09 Feb 2020

The Chicago Huntsman have been on a mission since Match One of the CDL Season — and they are letting the opposition hear it. Huntsman stars FormaL and Arcitys sat down with GGRecon to discuss the details on Day One of the London competition.

FormaL: “It was pretty easy.”

The Huntsman kicked off Week Two in London with a match vs. the Los Angeles Guerrillas; led by long-time OpTic Gaming rival, ACHES. The extra motivation of former OpTic legends, Scump and FormaL, was evident. Scump and FormaL led their squad to a 3-0 sweep, each posting a 1.3+ aKD ratio through the series.

Afterward, FormaL had some choice banter for the Guerrillas. When asked how the match went, FormaL told GGRecon that “It was pretty easy. We didn’t expect them to be too good and they weren’t too good… it was a good warm-up match.”

FormaL went on to express that there was still room to improve for their next match against the Dallas Empire. “We will be a different team in this Dallas match. We went a little light in that first series right there, just wanted to get in the rhythm.”

FormaL talked about the excitement around playing in front of the notoriously “crazy” London crowd. He mentioned that it was unfortunate when he was booed last year in London as a part of Luminosity but said it was really fun this time around. FormaL believes that the Call of Duty League has brought Call of Duty to a new level of professionalism and he is excited to see it continue to grow.

FormaL ended the exclusive interview by touching on how great it is to be back on a team with Scump. “It’s really fun... We’re just trolls man,” FormaL said with a smirk on his face. FormaL continued, “we laugh the whole time we are around each other. We know when it’s time to get serious and we are both really competitive… It's a good time.”


Chicago Huntsmen FormaL

Arcitys: “Like I said in Minnesota, sh** was easy.”

Next up for the Huntsman was the Dallas Empire. Many see the Empire as the direct rival to the Huntsman. These teams have had it out for each other dating back to the pre-season. After taking down Dallas in the opening match of Launch Weekend, Scump and FormaL jumped out of their seats and screamed over at the Empire team in celebration. In a post-game interview, Huntsman star Arcitys famously said, “sh** was easy.”

In a rematch between these star-studded teams, the Huntsman proved that Launch Weekend was not a fluke. Chicago once again came out victorious, winning 3-1 in dominant fashion. Every single member of the Huntsman finished the series with a positive K/D ratio. Chicago’s rising star, Envoy, put on perhaps the best performance of the CDL season in Game 4 - Hardpoint on St. Petrograd. Envoy had 30 kills and 12 deaths with an insane 2:55 hill time.

Arcitys took a minute to chat with GGRecon at the conclusion of the match. Arcitys started the interview off by boldly proclaiming, “like I said in Minnesota, sh** was easy.” When asked how the Huntsman have improved compared to the last time they saw the Empire, Arcitys stated, “obviously S&D. We won it this time and got smoked last time.” Of the one game they lost, Domination on Hackney Yard, Arcitys said that they were a little sloppy and blamed it partially on the team being jet-lagged. Arcitys hope that they can get adjusted by game time tomorrow and come out firing.

Arcitys has embraced his new role as an SMG player. Arcitys previously played the role of an AR player and played it well, culminating in earning the title of Call of Duty World Champion with eUnited on Black Ops 4 last year. We asked him how he’s adjusted to the new role. Arcitys responded, “it’s fun. It’s a lot better than I thought it was going to be.” Arcitys went on, “you can make so [many] more plays on the map with an MP5 than an M4.”

Arcitys ended by giving credit to his SMG duo and roommate, Envoy. “Love Dylan… he was the first one I hit up. I was like ‘I really wanna team with you, I saw what you did last year.’” Arcitys capped off the question with “he is really good, that is all I can say.”

Chicago has been the most vocal team so far this season and has the results to back it up. We will see what tomorrow has in store but for now, the Huntsman are poised to win the first tournament of the CDL season. If they can keep performing at this level it will be a long time before anyone shuts them up.

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