Amazon Teases The Boys Video Game Adaptation

Amazon Teases The Boys Video Game Adaptation

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Tom Chapman


29th Jun 2021 09:40

The Boys are back in town, as Amazon's foul-mouthed superhero series could be about to take flight in a whole new way. While the live-action adaptation of Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson's comic series has become one of the streaming service's big hitters, the ever-expanding world of these spandex-clad douchebags has teased an entry into the world of video games.

Although the boom in superhero movies and shows that was arguably kick-started by the likes of X-Men and Spider-Man in the early '00s, it really took off with the Marvel Cinematic Universe in 2008.

With The Boys being a not-so-subtle riff on the Justice League and Avengers, mixing that concept with X-rated scenes of head-popping vaginas and exploding whales means The Boys has seen great success.

Is The Boys video game on the way?

As fans sit and wait patiently for the upcoming Season 3 of The Boys, the show's official Twitter account sent tongues wagging with a simple tweet that read, "But what would a The Boys video game look like?" It's a long way off actual confirmation of The Boys video game, however, that didn't stop the idea taking off like Homelander himself.

On happy gamer suggested that Naughty Dog, Insomniac, or Rockstar make this mythical The Boys video game. While Naughty Dog is known for the brutal world of The Last of Us, Insomniac has swung into our lives with Marvel's Spider-Man to give Rocksteady's Arkham games a run for their money. Out of the bunch, the idea of Rockstar tackling The Boys is arguably the most tempting. Given its runaway success with Red DeadGTA, and Bully, it has The Boys written all over it.

Do the cast of The Boys want a video game?

In terms of how a video game version of The Boys would play out, the thread threw up ideas that suggested everything from a Mortal Kombat-inspired beat 'em up to an open-world spectacular in the vein of Spider-Man. It's easy to imagine an open-world game where you get play as various members of The Seven or even the Supe-kicking members of The Boys, but would this be overkill? We've already seen Crystal Dynamics struggle with the divisive Marvel's Avengers

Still, superhero games are everywhere right now and show no signs of slowing down. Alongside WB Montreal's Gotham Knights and rumours of a Superman game, Square Enix is busy with Marvel's Avengers and the recently announced Guardians of the Galaxy. If that wasn't enough, Rocksteady has Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League and Insomniac is presumably hard at work on Spider-Man 2The Boys could bring something new to the table by combining all of the above with the show and comics' X-rated style.

Ironically, the idea of The Boys getting a video game was floated by actor Jack Quaid (Hughie Campbell) last year. Speaking to, Quaid said, "I think I would turn to a video game only because there are... Okay. Let's just assume you could play as anybody. That's like so many different types of game wrapped into one. You can play as, essentially, Superman or you can play as one of us grunts on the ground and make it like a first-person shooter. There's just a lot of stuff you could do for the Boys."

He added, "I think you could make many different games out of The Boys franchise, because there's a game you can make it all about A-Train, you can make it all about The Boys and make it like a tactical, first-person shooter, third-person shooter type of thing. There's a lot of potential there, and it'd be cool as a tabletop RPG, too, but I just think the different kinds of gameplay you could get from a video game would be really cool....Get the guys that did Arkham Asylum, Arkham City, and all that stuff. Get them. Yes."

While we wait patiently for any official word on The Boys getting its own video game, we'll continue to dream up ideas that would undoubtedly give the franchise a licence to print money. We say, get this idea going quicker than A-Train. 


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