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18:30, 02 Feb 2021

The BLUEJAYS have been around for quite some time now. They’ve formed multiple rosters and even produced an international team back in 2019. With that being said, the only issue is that they’re on a two-year losing streak. On top of that, the BLUEJAYS haven’t won a C-Tier event since 2016, which is heartbreaking for the amateur community. 

After investing eight years into Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO), it’s hard to look back. A team like the BLUEJAYS is looking to have the stature of a Tier-1 team, but it’s not easy making it to the top. Often teams fail while a small percentage succeed. The BLUEJAYS are currently stuck between perfection and over-commitment when it comes to building the perfect lineup. For 2021, they’ll have to decide which route to take alongside their brand new roster. 


After a year of trial runs, the BLUEJAYS began making weekly appearances in the amateur scene. They started out playing in small online events hosted by ESL in the German Pro Series. At the time, they mostly competed against Mousesports, Planetkey Dynamics, and Playing Ducks. All three teams were tough competitors which led to a rough season for the BLUEJAYS. 

They didn’t win a single event that year, which was definitely upsetting for the entire roster. Florian "syrsoN" Rische, who currently plays for BIG, was even part of the original BLUEJAYS roster. It goes to show that team chemistry is key when it comes to building a professional team. 


In 2016, it was a completely different story for the newcomers from Germany. The BLUEJAYS went from zero earnings to bringing in two thousand dollars. Even though that’s not enough money to run a company, it still helped acquire sponsorships for future events.


At the ESL Meisterschaft Winter Cup, the BLUEJAYS finally won their very first tournament. The BLUEJAYS even played in all five cups that year, and it eventually paid off. Over the following months, star players moved on to sign with the EnRo GRIFFENS and Playing Ducks.

After ending their season off with a bang, the BLUEJAYS moved on to 2016 with a different roster. While players moved in and out of the BLUEJAYS headquarters, profits began to boom at an unexpected rate. Earnings increased by roughly sixty-percent, which meant more opportunities for the org to grow.


The BLUEJAYS won their first event of the year in Season 21 of the ESEA European Open. They beat out fan favourites TryPANTS and took home the grand prize of fifteen hundred dollars. It was their first C-Tier trophy which only led to greater things that year. The BLUEJAYS made their B-Tier debut and placed second at 99Liga after losing to PENTA Sports. While profits began to rise, the BLUEJAYS felt pressure to compete at the same level. A few roster changes later, the org on everyone’s radar eventually fell apart.


Starting in 2019, the BLUEJAYS went on to their worst losing streak in the org's history. Before breaking down their losses, it’s important to analyse the current roster for 2021. The BLUEJAYS signed five new players along with a brand new head coach to keep the team in line. Entry fragger and team captain Nemanja "sarenii" Sarenac will be responsible for maintaining a successful roster. 


The twenty-two year old from Bosnia originally came across the BLUEJAYS brand in 2019 after singing with their international roster. BLUEJAYS International was some sort of an academy team that competed for two seasons. Sarenii spent seven months with the team winning a total of two events before singing with Juggernauts. 


A Lithuanian AWPer named Aurimas "Kvik" Kvaksis most recently played with Wizards Esports Club before joining the BLUEJAYS. He spent most of his time with Winstrike Team and Quantum Bellator Fire earning tons of spotlight in the media. 


Kvik even managed to place sixth at the ELEAGUE Boston Major beating out seventeen different teams. Now he plans on reinventing himself in the C-Tier scene before re-entering the big leagues. His tournament experience alone should be enough to help the BLUEJAYS turn their losing streak around. 

The final piece of the puzzle for the latest BLUEJAYS roster is Darko "soLo" Mitic. He’s been coaching for three years now and has earned over six titles with multiple top three placements. SoLo’s experience in B-Tier events is perfect for a team like the BLUEJAYS, considering their desire to grow. His coaching abilities have earned over forty-five thousand dollars along with a CSGOFAST Cup. 

Compared to their previous rosters, the BLUEJAYS are looking like some promising opponents for 2021. They have an AWPer who competed at a Major along with a coach who has brought in exactly seven figures. The BLUEJAYS recently surpassed ten years in the making, which is a huge achievement. Hopefully, they can use that passion to finally break their losing streak this year. 



Images via BLUEJAYS | Twitter

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