You can acquire many blueprints in Modern Warfare, but here's our guide on which are best, and which to buy from the store.

20:00, 27 Apr 2020

In Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, loadouts come in many variants, and you can unlock different variants of your favourite guns from the store via blueprints, or from levelling up in the battle pass.

Variants of weapons come with different attachments and camos but can also alter the default of the weapon's body to give you an edge over the standard body.

You can also unlock emblems, finishing moves, weapon charms, operator skins and watches from blueprints, to add to the personalisation of your operator and guns.

Here you can read our Call of Duty tips to find the best Modern Warfare Blueprints and gun variants, including blueprints that give you coloured bullets, an M4A1 with the best iron sights, and some incredible camos.

The XRK M4 – M4A1 Blueprint

The XRK M4 is the blueprint that was unlocked by pre-ordering Modern Warfare, so if you haven’t got it already, there’s no way of unlocking it now. But for those that do have this blueprint, you should definitely be using it. The M4A1 is arguably the best assault rifle on the game, and even be made into a submachine-like gun by equipping the ‘9mm Para 32-Round Mags’. Widely regarded as the best all-round weapon on the game, the M4A1 is used by most professional players; and the XRK variant improves the assault rifle substantially.

Best Modern Warfare Blueprints

The XRK M4 comes with the attachments that you can see above, however, you can unequip these for your own preferences. For the best M4A1 classes, you can check out our guide. The main positive of the XRK is the iron sights. Many people prefer to use the five attachment slots on their M4A1 on attachments that don’t alter the sights, but the default iron sights aren’t to everyone favour, and therefore it’s common that people will equip a reflex sight. But with the XRK, the iron sight is much thinner and can give you a better view of your opponents, eliminating the only negative of this weapon. The XRK also has a certain swagger with it, as only Modern Warfare OG’s can equip this.

How to get coloured bullets in Modern Warfare

You may have been killed by a fury of red laser-like bullets during your time in Modern Warfare. If you’re wondering how you too can equip these, they are purchasable from blueprints in the store and come in different colours. These blueprints called ‘Tracer Packs’ offer the coloured bullets, but they can only be equipped to the gun that they come with. For instance, the ‘Nikto Operator Bundle’ includes a Cerulean variant of the Kilo 141 and the Blue Dwarf variant of the 1911, and with this you will unlock blue bullets for the Kilo and the 1911, but only those guns. These tracer packs are some of the best Modern Warfare blueprints that you can buy.

Best Modern Warfare Blueprints

Here’s a full list of ‘Tracer Packs’ to get coloured bullets.

Tracer Pack: Green. 1600 COD Points

This offers green bullets to the ‘Snap Dragon’ variant of the Ram-7, and the ‘Gangrene’ variant of the .50 GS Pistol.

Tracer Pack: Anime. 1600 COD Points

This offers pink bullets to ‘The Breakup’ variant of the M4A1, and the ‘Casanova’ variant of the P90.

Tracer Pack: Red. 1600 COD Points

This offers red bullets to the ‘Ceris’ variant of the FN Scar 17, and the ‘Red Dwarf’ variant of the M19 Pistol

Nikto Operator Bundle. 2500 COD Points

This offers blue bullets to the ‘Cerulean’ variant of the Kilo 141, and the ‘Blue Dwarf’ variant of the 1911 pistol.

The Blunt Force pack

One of the best Modern Warfare blueprints (and the funniest) is the ‘Blunt Force’ pack. As per every year, on the 20th April, Call of Duty introduces a pack in the store of the current instalment of the franchise. If you know why then you know why. This year was the Blunt Force pack, and with that comes ‘The Smoke Show’ P90 gun blueprint, a ‘Pot Head’ charm, and more.

Best Modern Warfare Blueprints

The Night Light Combat Knife

If everyone could get this, it would make public lobbies much better. There’s a significant amount of people who grind to get gold weapons, and the most annoying of those are people who do it with RPG’s and Combat Knives, sorry if that’s you but you ought to know. However, with the ‘Half Dead’ pack, you can unlock the Night Light Knife, which gives you a golden Combat Knife, eliminating the need for people to be scampering around shipment shanking everything they see. It’s also a stunning blueprint, and definitely one of the best Modern Warfare blueprints the game has to offer. Also included in this bundle are two stunning blueprints for the FN Scare 17 and the Oden, and a golden knuckle duster charm. You can also get golden weapons in the Executive Armory Bundles, so keep an eye out in the store for them too.

Best Modern Warfare Blueprints

These are arguably the best blueprints Modern Warfare has to offer, but ultimately, they are preferential, and you may prefer those in different packs.

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