The Best Gun Attachments for PUBG's CQC

The Best Gun Attachments for PUBG's CQC

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Coleman Hamstead


12th Apr 2020 21:00

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds prides itself on realism. The variety of maps and environments offer players the opportunity to play to their preferred style. Long, mid and close-range combat all are prevalent. 

Recently, the developers have focused on upping the action with the addition of some smaller maps. Season 6 brought Karakin, a 2x2km map off the coast of North Africa. Karakin is by far the smallest map ever introduced into PUBG. So small in fact, it holds only 64 players.

The action in Karakin is frantic. Every location is a hot drop. There is simply not enough real estate to go around. With such an emphasis on gunfights and close corridors action, we thought it would be appropriate to touch on the best attachments for close-quarters combat (CQC). This guide will break down which gun attachments to look for if you plan on engaging in some CQC.


When it comes to a muzzle, players should keep an eye out for a compensator. The flash hider and suppressor are good in their own right, but the compensator is ideal for CQC. The compensator reduces the recoil pattern, horizontal recoil and vertical recoil. These reductions all work to keep your weapon steady at both close and long-range. No other muzzle attachment offers close range benefits like the compensator.

Lower Rail

The lower rail slot offers up some of the best CQC attachments in the game. Particularly, the laser sight. The laser sight reduces bullet deviation during hip-fire and target-aiming by a massive 30% for normal guns and 70% for handguns. This turns your weapon into a literal laser at close range. Even better, the laser sight can be attached to almost all assault rifles, SMGs and pistols. Whatever your favourite gun is, it can probably equip a laser sight. Use this attachment and you’ll win almost every CQC encounter. Throw in some jumping and strafing while you hip-fire for max efficiency.

If you don’t stumble across a laser sight, don’t worry. There are additional attachments that also work well in CQC. The half grip is one of those attachments. The half grip works to reduce horizontal and vertical recoil along with the recoil recovery time. The downside is that it comes with a penalty to weapon stability and sway.

If your goal is CQC, this penalty is negligible. This attachment is ideal for run-and-gun types using a high rate of fire weapon close range. Just make sure you have a secondary weapon for those longer range engagements.

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Upper Rail

The upper rail is occupied by scopes and sights. When it comes to CQC, all you really need is a red dot sight or a holographic sight. With a CQC playstyle, players should never find themselves out in the open. Instead, you’ll want to focus on staying in and around buildings and tunnels where your weapons will shine. Typically at these ranges, a simple red dot sight will do. Even the standard iron sights are preferable to some of the higher magnifying scopes. These long-range scopes just do not work close up.

Bring the fight indoors and capitalize on your enemy's ill-preparedness for CQC. The highest magnifying scope you should consider is a 2x. Do not go above that on a gun built for CQC.


Regardless of your playstyle, the extended quickdraw mag is what you should be looking for. The extended quickdraw mag fuses the benefits of both the extended mag and the quickdraw mag.

If you can’t find this, the extended mag is the next best thing. The extended mag will allow the player to fire off more shots without the need to reload. This is an especially useful attachment close range where players tend to “spray and pray”. An extra couple of bullets could be the difference between life or death.


Stocks are limited to a few weapons. However, if you are running an M4, Vector, MP5K or Micro Uzi, or Skorpion, make sure you grab the appropriate stock. M4, Vector and MP5K users will want a tactical stock. The tactical stock will further reduce recoil as well as increase aim down sight (ADS) speed and reduce weapon sway. All and all, the tactical stock is a good attachment for most playstyles.

The Micro Uzi and Skorpion have their own specific stock. The stock is almost essential for anyone running one of these two weapons. The attachment provides a tremendous bonus to both stability and accuracy. Both of these weapons can turn into a CQC machine with a stock attached.

That’s it for our guide on the best attachments for CQC success in PUBG. Be on the lookout for a future guide on which weapons to use these attachments on.

Images courtesy of PUBG Corporation

Coleman is a freelance journalist at GGRecon. While gaming has always been his passion, it wasn’t until he worked as a Sports Journalist at the Community College of Baltimore County that he found his enthusiasm for writing. In the time since Coleman has had his work featured in publications such as The Washington Post/Launcher and ESTNN. Coleman is a graduate of Towson University with a degree in Sport Management and Business Administration.

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