The Grau has become hugely popular, but the attachments are very different to the M4A1, find out the best loadout for the Grau here...

19:00, 01 May 2020

The Grau has quickly become one of the best assault rifles in Call of Duty Modern Warfare, with its mobility and fire rate proving a popular choice, especially on Warzone. Offering a range of playstyles depending on the attachments that you choose, the Grau now rivals the M4A1 as one of the best all-round weapons on Modern Warfare. It can be very effective over long ranges depending on your barrel and stock attachments but can almost be crafted into a long-range submachine gun, of which you can actually pick up on Warzone.

The Grau’s barrels also have a very interesting effect on the gun, as each barrel has a different iron sight on the gun, so depending on which you prefer this may adapt your playstyle with the weapon. Here’s our Call of Duty tips on which attachments work for the best Grau loadout.

The Best Grau Loadout Attachments

As the iron sights differ for the Grau depending on the barrel equipped, these are the best four all-round attachments, leaving you to choose whichever sight/barrel you prefer.

Grau 1PNG
  • Muzzle - Monolithic Suppressor
  • Underbarrel - Ranger Foregrip
  • Stock – No Stock
  • Ammunition – 60 Round Mags

The monolithic suppressor is a no-brainer, increasing range and velocity but silencing your weapon to keep you off the map, this attachment is key for most weapons. The Ranger foregrip allows for better accuracy and adds better mobility to the weapon, which is one of the key components of the Grau, especially on Warzone where it is key to strafe from one opponent to the next. No Stock also helps with mobility, as quite a lot is lost with the monolithic suppressor. Whilst keeping the assault rifle accurate over range, no stock will allow for quick movement when aiming down the sights, allowing you to efficiently sweep buildings; we all know how many campers are on Warzone. Finally, the 60 round mags limit the time you have to reload for, by optimizing your bullets, you could easily wipe a whole squad in one clip. For Multiplayer, the 60 round mags are best being swapped out for the XRK Void II rear grip, to optimise the aim down sight speed.

Which barrel attachment should you use fro the best Grau Loadout?

In total, there are four barrel attachments which you can choose from with the Grau. Each attachment will change the definition of the gun quite drastically. Stats like Aim down sight speed, damage range and recoil control will fluctuate, allowing the Grau to be transformed from a long-range beamer to a swift sub-machine gun-like weapon.

The ZLR Drifter A-08.

Grau 2PNG

The ZLR Drifter A-08 will significantly decrease the range, making this better at close combat. Making the Grau almost like an MP5, the drifter will allow for very quick movements and devastating close-range damage but does limit the accuracy quite a lot. Making it very quick to move with, it is much more forgiving if you miss your first couple of bullets as it allows you to quickly snap back on to your target.  

Grau 3PNG

The iron sights for the Drifter are narrow and low, with a spike through the middle for accuracy, quite common iron sights for sub-machine guns as it allows for a lot of space on the screen to view multiple enemies.

Tempus 26.4” Archangel

Grau 4PNG

This is the most popular attachment for the Grau as it optimises the attributes that are common with assault rifles. Increasing range and bullet velocity at the expense of aim down sight speed, this allows you to line up your opponent’s easily over range and remain accurate. If using this, it’s best to swap out your No Stock and replace it with the XRK Void II rear grip which will give your aim down sight speed a bump, eliminating the negative of this weapon. The archangel is the best Grau attachment for a long-ranged loadout, best combined with an SMG on overkill, or the Akimbo Snake Shot pistols.

Grau 5PNG

The iron sights for the Archangel have a low side but a large spike in the middle meaning that you can keep your aim steady over long distances whilst optimising the surroundings


Grau 6PNG

The XRK maintains the main qualities of an assault rifle, alike the Archangel, but doesn’t quite pack the same punch. It does, however, keep the mobility of the standard Grau, meaning it will be the best barrel to rival the M4A1 as the best all-round weapon. Giving the gun a boost in damage and range over distance, the XRK keeps the main qualities of the Grau whilst improving its long-range capability, a good choice if you are getting comfortable with it.

Grau 7PNG

The iron sights are also similar to the XRK M4, a variant of the M4A1, where it has a semi-circle around the sides and a low spike in the middle, to allow you to be able to hone in on one individual with great accuracy, but does limit your view to either side slightly.

FFS 20.8” Nexus

Grau 8PNG

This final Grau attachment is very similar to the previous XRK but will reduce the mobility more. It’s not the most popular, but if you are working up to the Archangel, it is a good steppingstone. This attachment allows for good long-ranged combat but struggles at close quarters with the lack of movement speed. Overall, it won’t ruin the gun, but for the qualities this attachment possesses’, you’d be better off with the Archangel.

Grau 9PNG

The iron sights for the Nexus attachment are also the worst of the bunch in terms of visibility and therefore making this weapon less popular.

Choosing the barrel to suit your playing-style is our number one tip for the Grau. If you equip the right barrel for how you will use the assault rifle will give you a brilliantly powerful and agile gun. The best Grau loadout is ultimately down to your own playing style.

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Image via Activision

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