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17:40, 11 Nov 2020

The best offence is a good defence says Godfall, the slash looter by Counterplay Games. While Weapons are no doubt important to the gameplay experience, the armour was made a lot more exciting on several different levels, very much reminding of Warframe. Aesthetics, tankiness, and crucially skills called “Archon ability”, that shape your playstyle, are part of the design of the Valorplates. Based on zodiac signs, each piece of armour also carries its own history. 

How many Valorplates are in Godfall?

On launch, twelve legendary Valorplates will be made available to grind for. Looking for the best Godfall Valorplates for your own personal playstyle? Check out our short and sweet introduction.

The Best Godfall Valorplates - Aegishorn

Protection and power dwell underneath the Chitin of the scarab inspired Aegishorn. With a theme like this, it makes sense that the Valorplate is one of the Tank or Support items, giving you damage reduction as a passive. The Archon ability summons three creepy-crawly allies that help share the burden by attracting enemies using AOE-abilities. Allies within the zone will receive a massive damage reduction buff of either 30% or 50%. Moreover, a thorn-like passive is also part of Aegishorn, firing projectiles back at enemies when you’re struck.

The Best Godfall Valorplates - Armistice

As the breach expert, Armistice comes with a passive +20% breach damage bonus that goes even higher during the Archon Fury Bonus. The Archon ability is a whole bunch of stat improvements on top of a blast around the user that deals physical damage and breaches the enemies hit. Moreover, the Valorplate comes with a built-in snowball effect, ramping up damage as you kill more and more enemies. Therefore, Armistice is one of the DPS focused Valorplates that also bring a solid amount of CC.

The Best Godfall Valorplates - Mesa

Looking for horns? Mesa might just be the thing for you, as seemingly every body part of this armour is crested in them. Its Archon ability brings poison damage to enemies’ veins, and therefore Mesa appears to be a DPS Valorplate. Unleashing an Earth Damage shockwave, enemies you’ve poisoned will also take more damage.

The Best Godfall Valorplates - Hinterclaw

Power taken is power deserved is Hinterclaws mantra. Like Armistice, Hinterclaw is a DPS-focused Valorplate, scaling in damage considerably as foes are slain. However, Hinterclaw also brings a healthy amount over from Aegishorn, also summoning three helpers to fight by your side. With a 10% increase critical hit chance and critical hit damage that scales with every kill after Archon ability activation, Hinterclaw’s task is to tare the enemy apart.

The Best Godfall Valorplates - Illumina

What’s about to be illuminated? Enemies’ weak points, of course. Unleashing a shockwave that deals physical damage, Illumina’s Archon’s ability also shows where it hurts. Furthermore, the Valorplate excels at hitting exactly these spots, gaining extra damage from them.

The Best Godfall Valorplates - Vertigo

The moth-themed Valorplate Vertigo deals air damage through its Archon ability, and a heavy amount at that. Moreover, you have a chance to inflict a Shock state onto the opponent which you can then use to deal additional air damage. The beautifully detailed helmet spreads its gorgeous antenna, while you swoop through the opposition. 

The Best Godfall Valorplates - Bulwark

So we’ve had a lot of Valorplates running on elements, right? What’s Bulwark running on? Correct, it’s blood! Wasn’t the bull pun already enough, Counterplay? Summoning three additional helpers, Bulwark causes bleed damage that once inflicted, also allows the armour to deal extra damage to its victims. Bullish shoulders and hip armour give the armour a diabolically chunky look. 

The Best Godfall Valorplates - Mobius

Chucky went to the gym and looks buffs, and it’s therefore exactly as scary as it sounds like. Featuring several puppet-like masks in its design, and all-around looking spooky, it only makes sense that Mobius focuses on Void Damage and Void Sentinels as it’s Archon Fury.

The Best Godfall Valorplates - Silvermane

It’s time to hunt. The possibly most stunning Valorplate Silvermane is Lion-themed and comes with a gorgeous mane that its name advertises. Nothing in detail is known about the Valorplate at this point. Due to its gorgeous design, it’s often used as the plate Counterplay Games uses in its imagery surrounding Godfall.

The Best Godfall Valorplates - Typhon

Typhon is very similar to Mobius but keeps it cool, relying on Chilling effects and Water damage. The beautiful teal contrasted against the golden snake shoulders communicate the elegance you’d expect of water.

The Best Godfall Valorplates - Greyhawk

Looks exactly how he sounds like - noble, wise, and hawkish. His Archon Fury is one of the more unique ones, introducing a new system called “Soulshatter” which is a part of the enemies health bar but not quite the same. As the bar fills up, you can instantly kill the enemy and therefore stacking it is one way to kill the enemy quickly.

The Best Godfall Valorplates - Phoenix 

Not much is known about the Phoenix Valorplate and its abilities, but it will very likely rely on Fire damage based on its theme. Moreover, gameplay footage has shown continuous glow ups of the armour during swings, suggesting a build-up mechanic.


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Image via Counterplay Games

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