Modern Warfare has seen some great players but there are five that stand out from the rest.

18:30, 29 Jul 2020

The Call of Duty: Modern Warfare season seemed to zoom by quicker than previous years. Perhaps it was the new Call of Duty League or the COVID-19 pandemic keeping everyone inside. Either way, the 2020 season is ending in the next month or so, which effectively means that Modern Warfare only has a month left in the professional scene. Sure, many players will hop on Warzone for the high-octane gameplay but in regards to multiplayer, Modern Warfare won’t be played after Call of Duty Championships.

So, we thought it would be a good idea to put the year in perspective and decide who the five best players have been during Modern Warfare. 

#5: Mack - New York Subliners 

Starting off the list we have a player who actually began the year working the amateur circuit in Call of Duty Challengers. However, as of right now, Makenzie "Mack" Kelley is one of the top players in the CDL. Helping to lead his New York Subliners squad to their first Home Series event at CDL New York was no small feat. Mack consistently topped the leaderboard across all game modes and was a key factor in the Subliners pulling off the upset against the Chicago Huntsmen in the finals. 

To go along with that, many consider the addition of Mack to be the turning point for the Subliners squad. After dropping Trei “Zer0” Morris for the young gun, New York turned a corner and it produced a Home Series win. Of course, Mack could truly prove his worth during the CDL postseason and earn his place among the top talent in Call of Duty esports. 

#4: Arcitys - Chicago Huntsmen

Best Modern Warfare Players
Arcitys Chicago Huntsmen

Coming into the season, the Huntsmen seemed like one of the teams to beat. Boasting superstar talent with Matt “FormaL” Piper and Seth “Scump” Abner, it was no wonder why so many picked Chicago to win the most events. However, with only one Home Series remaining, it’s Alec “Arcitys” Sanderson that has stolen the show in Chicago. While someone like Dylan “Envoy” Hannon could certainly be considered for this spot, Arcitys has been a constant for the Huntsmen all year long. Dominating in any role the team has given him, this half of the Sanderson twins has proved the doubters wrong. 

Through the ups and downs Chicago has faced, Arcitys never ceased to put up solid stat lines and put his team in spots to win. While many thought he was the product of an amazing eUnited team last year, this assault rifle player isn’t moving from the top five for quite some time. 

#3: Skyz - Florida Mutineers 

Perhaps the biggest surprise on this list, Cesar “Skyz” Bueno started the year pretty rockily with the Florida Mutineers. The team was middling around for the first few events but then came the addition of Jay “Fero” Henriquez. Fero’s addition to the Mutineers seemed to open the flood gates for Skyz because the former amateur turned on the jets. He began posting crazy stat lines and performing well almost every map Florida played. While the Mutineers’ Call of Duty League success might be somewhat attributable to the online format, Skyz was individually doing well at LAN events. He’s a big reason why Florida was able to win back-to-back Home Series and could be the reason Florida makes a deep run at Call of Duty Champs. 

#2: Shotzzy - Dallas Empire 

Speaking of rough starts to the year, none had it worse than Anthony “Shotzzy” Cuevas-Castro. After a much-anticipated move from Halo to Call of Duty, Shotzzy had a ton of pressure to perform well. This pressure was increased by the team he was playing on. The Dallas Empire had a star-studded roster and it looked like Shotzzy could be the key for the squad to beat other top teams in the CDL. However, the former Halo professional was the laughing stock of the league for the first few events after posting porous stat lines. 

Of course, the controller fiend turned things around during the middle of the year and hasn’t looked back. He’s been the star of the Empire lineup recently and was even named a finalist for the CDL MVP award. 


#1: Cellium - Atlanta FaZe

Best Modern Warfare Players
Cellium Atlanta FaZe

The AR player they call the “Ice Man” is number one on our list. McArthur “Cellium” Jovel is surrounded by some of the best players in all of Call of Duty, yet still manages to carry FaZe event after event. The winner of countless 1v2 and 1v3 Search and Destroy rounds, Cellium is one of the most feared players in all of Modern Warfare. His performance in all game modes is as close to flawless as we’ve seen this season and it’s no wonder why he also was named an MVP finalist. 

The Atlanta FaZe are no doubt one of the favorites to win Call of Duty Championships and while the four other players are certainly great in their own right, Cellium has just been on another level this season. 


Images via Call of Duty League and Atlanta FaZe

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