Back from Season 2, the revive bug is back in Apex Legends, a glitch which doesn't allow you to revive your fallen teammate

15:59, 29 Jul 2020

Apex Legends is moving forward with great momentum. Season 5 is rife with new abilities for the legends we have learnt to love, as well as new legends adding to the game such as Loba, and soon to be Rampart. However, returning from the depths of season 2, a bug has resurfaced that causes players to not be able to revive their teammates.

Months after being patched first time around, this bug has risen through Caustic's fumes, through the void, and back into Kings Canyon, meaning some players that go down cannot be picked up, even if there is no one around.

Reddit User u/RhydonHerSlowbro experienced the glitch first hand. As you can see in the clip below, the team have just battled through multiple squads before a third/fourth party has come to clean up the mess as they lick their wounds. Caustic manages to stay alive whilst both of his teammates are knocked, and as they retreat to pick up a fallen Bloodhound, they're met with the inability to revive. 

Dear Bloodhound, if you’re out there; I physically couldn’t revive you, the prompt never showed up, I wasn’t being toxic :’( from r/apexlegends

The unfortunate Bloodhound rage quit after thinking they were being trolled, however, this was not the case. The bug meant that the icon to revive the hunter wasn't appearing, and therefore Caustic was left as a lone ranger and fell just moments later.

"Without pain, the body suffers in silence... omitting the entertainment."

The only away around the bug is to let your teammate fully die and take their banner to the nearest revive beacon, which ultimately makes you a sitting duck for teams to swarm around the dropship and pick you off.

The cause for the bug is unknown, however, it seems much more likely on Kings Canyon rather than Worlds Edge, as this was where it originated.

It's fair to say that it is just as welcome as those Octane quips, which belong in the depths of Wraiths void, never to be seen again. Respawn Entertainment will be determined to squash this quickly before continuing in advancing the thoroughly entertaining battle-royale.

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Image via EA / Respawn Entertainment

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