A full breakdown of the Apex Legends Global Series, including some large teams to miss out and the full issues and conclusion of the year ahead

14:05, 09 Feb 2020

Apex Legends announced that they will be hosting a series of competitive tournaments in the year 2020. It features 12 global live events that will take place throughout the year, with the first Online Tournament taking place on January 25, 2020 and the first live Major on March 13-15, 2020. It has a huge prize pool of more than $3 million, but only PC Players from more than 60 countries and regions are eligible to compete.

The tournament is categorized into:

  1. Online Tournaments
  2. Premiere
  3. Major
  4. Championship

Each step leads onto the other in chronological order, starting with Online Tournaments, followed by a premiere, a Major and finishing it all up with a Championship. Online Tournaments are your ticket into the Apex Legends Global Series. By performing well in official Online Tournaments on PC, you will earn Apex Legends Global Series Points and qualify for live events.

A total of 9 online tournaments will take place over the year, and all of the tournaments will follow a point-based system. The first online tournament was held between the last week of January and the first week of February. It has recently concluded, and to everyone’s astonishment, a lot of upsets have happened. 73 successful teams have made their way to the Major One, with an additional 27 direct invites, but in these 100 teams some of the most renowned ones have fallen short including:

  1. NRG
  2. T1
  3. Fnatic NA
  4. Complexity
  5. Team Secret
  6. Team Liquid
  7. G2 Esports
  8. Alliance
  9. Singularity

Qualified Teams


  • TSM
  • Sniper Abusers
  • Rogue
  • Team Squidward
  • RCO Esports White
  • Sentinals
  • Lil Poggies
  • VOL
  • Golden Guardians
  • Flying Saucerorrs
  • PRO
  • PVPxGeesh
  • Team Fire
  • smile
  • PTM
  • MSK
  • Stinky
  • Griefers
  • Aqualix Esports
  • FVK


  • Kebabrulla
  • BDE Esports
  • Warthox Esport
  • Natus Vincere
  • Virtus.Pro
  • Fnatic EU
  • Gambit
  • Singularity EU
  • Luminosity Gaming
  • LEG
  • Team Purge
  • TI.Black
  • North
  • F/A Kids
  • Samsung Morning Stars
  • Pizza Baguette
  • NoWeaver
  • ad hoc gaming
  • Team Reciprocity EU


  • Team Maia
  • CPTL eSport
  • HIGH
  • ReD Devils                          
  • Team Genesis
  • Loto Gaming


  • Exo
  • Korean Rushers
  • Athai


  • LFT 1
  • 4K
  • Griffin
  • High Quality
  • Cyma
  • T1 Korea
  • WGS


  • SCARZ White
  • Nora-Rengo
  • DeToNator
  • Hybrid Eclipse Arise
  • Pro Gaming team Selector Blue
  • ConnectGaming Luna
  • Handmade Potion


  • MiTH Team 1
  • MiTH Team 2
  • Armory Gaming


  • Hallediciler
  • 2ND
  • ATK


Considering that a huge number of players participated in this tournament it is not a question of doubt that the tournament ran into some issues. The depth of the competitive esports pool is large, and poor scheduling just makes it more prone to upsets. The first day lasted for about 12 hours and after looking at the number of rounds in each region, it’s easy to understand that flaws are set to happen under such circumstances. 

But that wasn’t it, a number of other issues were encountered by the people queuing in for these matches. Some of them being in-game bugs, while most of them being the usual server issues present in the game since day 1, be it Code: Lead, Code: Net or server timeout.  These technicalities make the game unplayable and add to the exasperation of the player.

This video sums up the technical errors and shows how fatal they can be:


Although, this event was action-packed and enthralling, it was a mere teaser of what is to come in the weeks ahead. To all those who couldn't qualify, there is no need to worry about this was only the 1st of the 9 tournaments. Players still have the opportunity to enroll in other tournaments and have a shot at the championship, but only if they adhere to the ruleset. Competing in the second tournament will mean that the teams will have to go through another tournament, Apex Premiere, against the top candidates from tournament three, and the winners of the Premier will verse the qualifiers for tournament one in the Major: Where the best teams around the world compete for the largest prize pools throughout the year and these events are EA’s Flagship events.

Apex Legends Global Circuit

It must be kept in mind that the tournament took place in Apex Legends Season 3, while the proceeding tournaments will take place in the 4th season. The update for Season 4 was significant and has brought a lot of changes to the Apex Map: World’s Frontier, especially the fragmentation of Capitol City and the new Harvester. In addition to this, several weapon changes were also introduced with the update, like the changes to Sniper Rifles, buffs to Hemlok and other guns or simply the addition of L-Star to regular Arsenal. Since many changes are new, they will take time getting used to and the next tournament will tell us how these changes impact gameplay and which new strategies develop as a result of this update.

Images via Respawn Entertainment

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