The 5 Most Important Changes with the PS5

12:00, 08 Jan 2020

The day before yesterday, at CES 2020, Sony finally revealed something we have all been waiting for PS5’s release date. CES, Consumer Electronics Show, is the biggest tech event of the whole year. It is a platform for companies to showcase and publicize their new ideas and innovations. Sony, being a leader in Tech, had their own keynote.

In this keynote, Sony briefly mentioned a history of its Playstation brand and its success over the past 25 years. Furthermore, they emphasized how they were constantly working to improve the quality of gaming and consumer experience. At the completion of this speech, PS5’s release date was announced. Sony’s PlayStation 5 is going to release worldwide in the Holiday season of 2020, which will be likely around late November till the end of December.

There are 5 noteworthy changes arriving with the new generation of Playstation:

1. 3D Audio:

PS5 will be capable of utilizing 3D audio in its games to create truly three-dimensional soundscapes. This technology will provide a more immersive experience as the sounds would be virtually indistinctive to those in real life. So playing a game with this feature would be similar to experiencing that condition or situation in real life.

2. Adaptive triggers:

PS5 will come with new controllers with some sleek, yet useful changes. With haptics, you really feel a more extensive scope of input, so colliding with a divider in a race vehicle feels entirely different than making a handle on the football field. You can even get a sense for an assortment of surfaces when going through fields of grass or trudging through mud.

The subsequent advancement is something we call versatile triggers, which have been consolidated into the trigger catches (L2/R2). This refers to the fact that the triggers will have varying input depending upon different levels of pressure exerted on them. Designers can program the opposition of the triggers with the goal that you feel the material impression of drawing a bow and bolt or quickening a rough terrain vehicle through the rough territory. In mix with the haptics, this can create an amazing knowledge that better reproduces different activities. Game makers have begun to get early forms of the new controller, and it is interesting to see where their creative mind goes with these new highlights available to them.

3. Integration of SSD (Solid State Drive):

One of the biggest caveats of having PS4 or any consoles of the like is the fact that having HDD as the storage medium means that more space is occupied in your console physically, as well as increased times of games booting up which is because of slow data access speeds. Recently, Solid State Technology has improved a lot, and the concerns of its longevity have decreased with the betterment of its design. Sony has integrated this technology into the upcoming PS5 and it claims that it will have immensely faster speeds as well as room for more storage. Another advantage is the fact that having an SSD will allow consumers to download only part of the game they want to play rather than having to download huge games at once.

4. Ultra HD Blu Ray:

Perhaps of the least significance amongst these new features is the fact that the PS5 could be used as a 4K Blu Ray Player. Any content available in Blu Ray can be streamed through PS5, which considering the gradual decrease in the availability of Blu Ray players is a big advantage, especially because of the ability to stream 4K content.

5. CPU and GPU improvements:

The last point that needs to be highlighted is the changes to the CPU and GPU. The general stacking rate of the CPU ought to be quicker also. Cerny from Sony says that stacking times will occur in a flicker of an eye on account of new CPUs introduced to the Sony Playstation 5. Brisk stacking times are incredible for running competitions. Without long stacking occasions, competition matches can be finished inside a timelier way. This will diminish or at least lower the times when competition sections continue for additional timeframes—which generally occurs during battling game competitions. This will likewise enable players to get once again into a match quicker and prop the adrenaline and fervor up.


As for the GPU, the main change coming new to PS5 will be Ray-Tracing. Ray tracing is an advanced method of illuminating 3D environments. With ray tracing, light sources cast out linear rays of light which then bounce off the surface it hits to another and to another until it reaches your eye or the camera view in that 3D environment. This means that areas which obstruct the pathway of light, are darkened likewise and produce sharper and clearer shadows. This also means the overall improvements in the lighting effects. These changes, although, are sleek and minute, they can contribute to an overall better gaming experience.

According to Sony, the following Playstation Exclusive games will be able to play the following games following PS5’s release:

2. Marvels Iron Man VR
3. Last of Us: Part Two


These are only some of the games that will be released for PS5.

Following this announcement, Sony released its new logo for PS5.

ps5 logo
via Sony

In conclusion, Playstation 5, like any other Playstation before has hyped many the Gaming community. It is highly likely that following PS5 market launch, its sales will peak especially due to Holidays being round the corner. The new features of PS5 are big leaps contributing towards a complete gaming experience and are foundations to what is possible in the world of technology.

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