TCS 2019 was another great success by Tyler1, but TCS 2020 is set to be the biggest one yet, and here's why

21:00, 27 Dec 2019

The last few months of the year are an incredibly busy time in the League of Legends community. The World Championship spans from the end of September into early November, the annual All-Stars Event takes place in December, and offseason rumors and roster swaps flood the scene, but League fans have one more big event look forward to during this downtime: the Tyler1 Championship Series.

On December 21, the third annual TCS came to a close with team Fragas’ Baby Yodas taking home the coveted $50,000 prize. What started as a meme tournament run by one of League’s most polarizing figures is now a well-respected event where aspiring players can show off their skills. Despite the viewership numbers for this year’s tournament falling short of the previous years’, League personality and tournament host Tyler1 announced that TCS 2020 will be held at a larger scale than ever before.

In addition to granting fans the rare opportunity to see high-elo players, Academy players, and even retired pros competing in a different setting, the tournament’s biggest draw is its charmingly amateur production levels.

The broadcast’s appeal really kicks in during the finals, where he casts every game himself along with a fake “analyst desk”, and even plays customized commercials in-between games. According to his announcement after this year’s finals, 2019 was the last time he’ll be doing this style of broadcast. Instead, the event will take on a bigger scale in 2020. In the clip, he hinted that a dedicated venue may be involved, and that he wanted to see how well a more organized structure would do for the tournament.

Due to the reputation the TCS has gained as a legitimately respected post-season tournament, it’s likely the change is being made as an honest effort to give North American amateur talent a chance to shine. Tyler1 hasn’t dropped any more details on the new TCS format for 2020, but will likely drop more hints on his stream as the date approaches. 

Main image via Colin Young-Wolff / Riot Games

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