TFT slated to hit mobile devices in March, along with Set 3

19:00, 14 Jan 2020

The wait is finally over for Teamfight Tactics fans who have been itching to take their games on the go. In Riot’s latest Dev Video, lead TFT designer Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer and product manager Dax “Lunchboy” Andrus revealed that the popular auto-battler will be hitting the mobile market in March 2020 along with the release of Set 3.

In mid-March, TFT will finally be available for iOS and Android users in most countries to play on their mobile devices.The first talks of a 2020 release date began during the League of Legends 10-Year Anniversary celebration. Since the gamemode’s release on June 26, Riot has been candid about their plans to eventually transition to a mobile format with the game. You  can pre-register for the mobile app release.

The update also confirmed that Set 3 will be released in March as well, and it dropped some rather obvious hints detailing what we can expect to be included. Among the new units, we can expect PROJECT, Star Guardians, Odyssey, and Pulsefire skin lines, as well as the eventual addition of League’s newest champion Sett.

The TFT had plenty of new features to announce, but they also touched a bit on the design theory behind the game and where they’re looking to take the balance direction. They want to continue monitoring extreme RNG mechanics so to stop them from completely dictating the pace of an entire round, as well as minimize the amount of comps that hard counter other setups. 

Over the next few months before Set 3 releases, Riot will continue releasing new champions and origins to Set 2. Mortdog added that some key item reworks will be in store as well. 

On September 25, Riot reported that TFT has boosted League’s concurrent player-base by 33% since its release, with over 1.725 million hours poured into the game and counting. Riot also plans to focus on developing a competitive scene for TFT in 2020.

Image via Riot Games

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