Tencent Releases Concept For Handheld Gaming PC

Tencent Releases Concept For Handheld Gaming PC

Written by 

Katie Memmott


23rd Mar 2021 11:02

We all know Tencent, the Chinese tech giant most notable for owning considerable shares in both Activision and Ubisoft, and a majority stake in Epic Games. So, what are they up to these days, apart from being the world's largest video game merchant? Patenting a handheld gaming PC, that's what.

Recently obtaining the patent, but submitting in October 2020, Tencent's design is somewhat similar to the Nintendo Switch, but with a big difference - it can play PC games. The design images feature a sleek black handheld console (or mini gaming PC) with Windows 10 logos, and a button layout not dissimilar to the Switch, with a directional pad and X, Y, A, and B keys.

The back of the console even features the words "PC Console", meaning everything you thought you knew about handheld gaming; you can throw out the window. 


Tencent Holdings boasted a $60B revenue in 2020, and have their fingers in so many tech and gaming pies it's hard to keep track. A venture into hardware would not be out of the realms of possibility, and given the Nintendo Switch was the best-selling console of 2020, they'd kind of be crazy not to try. 

We've all seen (and possibly owned) the likes of the PSP, Nintendo 3DS, and maybe even a Gameboy Advance (for those of a certain age), and it has to be admitted that handheld gaming has a certain charm, and when it can play processor-melting PC games, as Tencent's design appears to, what's not to like?

The possibilities are endless for games ported to this new handheld gaming PC for Tencent, everything from League of Legends, to PUBG, to Fortnite.

However, a patent, unfortunately, does not confirm the future existence of a product, but knowing Tencent; nothing is impossible.


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Images via PUBG Corp | Tencent

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