Catching up with the Danish circuit.

19:00, 19 Feb 2021

Both Team Singularity and Quantum Bellator Fire have made some rather interesting roster changes for their upcoming events. They’ve continued with all-Danish rosters, which will provide smooth communication between the players.

Team Singularity has signed a new captain, while QB Fire has created a brand-new lineup formed around one player in particular. Both teams struggled last year, which is what led to their must needed roster changes. Team Singularity is mostly preparing for the ESEA Premier Division, but they’ll also meet up with QB Fire at the Ambush National Invitational. 

Hopefully, their new Danish roster will provide support to bounce back from previous losses and look towards the future. Both of these orgs have a lot to learn if they want to climb their way back to the top of Europe’s rankings. 


Last year was a tough season overall for Team Singularity. They didn’t win a single event and often fell short within qualifier matchups. It was a rocky start for sure, but with the right team, it’s always possible to bounce back. 

With the B-Tier scene already facing a lack of profitable events, losing multiple matches is too much of a risk. Sponsors are always looking for the best possible teams with the right dollar value. The best part about Team Singularity is their move back to an all-Danish team for 2021. 


Their current record so far is lacklustre, considering they placed in the top twenty bracket at an ESEA Cash Cup. Team Singularity made an attempt to qualify for the DreamHack Open back in January, but it was too early for the team. They had a tough placement, but that just means it’s time to go back to the drawing board.   


Team captain Sebastian "larsen" Larsen recently joined the team as both an IGL and lead AWPer. Both of his roles are extremely important, considering the AWP’s effect on a team’s economy. 

He’s been around the block since 2013, earning most of his success with Forcebuy, GoldenGitte, and the Movistar Riders. He won multiple events last year, ranging between B and C-Tier divisions. 


Larsen has yet to break into the A-Tier scene, but Team Singularity is only looking for a consistent amateur player. He’s not known for team hopping, which is great news for his current lineup.

It’s hard enough holding onto five players, so signing someone like larsen is a big deal. He has a great roster to work with and has a lot of wiggle room when it comes to the org he’s signed under.   


Ex-Alpha Gaming rifler Danni "smF" Dyg joined Team Singularity for the long run this year. At the age of 28, smF is definitely on the lookout for a full-time team. He’s seen it all within Denmark’s amateur scene and did a bit of team hopping last year. 


SmF came out on top in Fragleague Season 3 and even spent some time with Team Secret. He played with Reason Gaming during their prime years, and it definitely helped form the player smF is to this very day. 

It looks like both Team Singularity and smF are on the same page for this year and are eager to win all of their events. Considering it will take time to see growth within a new team, the current lineup of Team Singularity should pick up the pace in a few months. 

As for the rest of the roster, Team Singularity will be busy dealing with lesser-known players. The nice thing is that they’ve given them a chance to prove themselves and possibly reach greater heights in the following years. For now, they’ll just have to keep their heads down and shine anytime they're playing. 



After their legendary run at the ELEAGUE Major in Boston, QBF has been on a slow decline. They lost a majority of their star players over the past two years, and it’s had a great effect on their overall results. 


QBF took time off in 2019 after everyone left the team due to unknown contract issues. They eventually came back with a brand-new roster and proceeded to compete all throughout 2020. Over ninety-percent of their matchups were within qualifiers besides a few C-Tier events. 


They attempted to enter the CIS Minor Championship along with IEM New York. With zero placements and a lack of wins, QBF changed their entire roster for 2021.


Besides four of their players being new to the competitive scene, Danny "BERRY" Kruger will be responsible for leading the team. BERRY has been competing within the Counter-Strike series since 2009 and is one of the more well-known veterans in the competitive community. 

He played with four different teams last year, including Ambush Esport and some pickup rosters. Hopefully, he can take those years of experience and turn QBF around this year. This could even be the final project for BERRY himself. 



Images via Team Singularity | Quantum Bellator Fire 

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