Take-Two boss dodges GTA 6 release date rumour

Take-Two boss dodges GTA 6 release date rumour
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Joseph Kime


23rd May 2023 10:09

Hype for GTA 6 is absolutely through the roof. We know it's pretty obvious by now, but there's no point trying to ignore it.

Now that there are rumours on the go that GTA 6 could be aiming for a 2024 release date - which may be a little optimistic - fans are foaming at the mouth to discover new details about what is set to be the biggest game launch of the last decade and possibly the most expensive ever.

And even despite excitement being truly palpable in the gaming industry, it looks like Rockstar Games' parent company, Take-Two Interactive, is ducking talking about a GTA 6 release date until the perfect moment.

Take-Two dodges GTA questions - on live TV

It's clear that media training on the inside of Take-Two has been truly airtight, as the company's recent appearance on CNBC has proved that the publication of Rockstar's next epic entry is something they should avoid discussing at all costs.

Take-Two boss Strauss Zelnick appeared in a stocks segment and said the company's success is because it's good at predicting the performance of the newest iterations in their ongoing franchises. As the host asks, "Like Grand Theft Auto?" Zelnick chuckles and discusses the sheer sum of franchises that they oversee.

Impatient players have felt that this is something of a side-step, and it's not hard to see why. Then again, GTA 6 may be a way off, and to leak something about the title on live TV would be a hell of a flub. It's no wonder that Zelnick wants to play his cards close to his chest.

Fans react to Take-Two's GTA side-stepping

Fans have responded to a Tweet that shared a clip of Zelnick's interview, and they're wasting no time pointing out the CEO's avoidance of mentioning GTA. One chuckled, "They even had the GTA game clip ready to go," while another added, "Crazy to think about the fact that this dude knows everything about GTA 6."

A third joked, "So close to an official GTA 6 announcement in a stock-based interview of all places. We will be holding $TTWO for a long ass time (until GTA VI gets here, so 2083 earliest)." Whatever Rockstar and Take-Two have planned, they aren't ready to reveal it yet. 

The GTA franchise is about to explode all over again, and it's clear that Take-Two knows it, sending their best media-trained staff to represent the companies. Loose lips might sink the Take-Two ship, after all.

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