The Finn has returned to the contenders team after a stint with the parent team, Dallas Fuel.

15:00, 10 Jan 2020

26-year-old Finnish hitscan ace, Timo "Taimou" Kettunen, has returned to his former team, Team Envy, after a lengthy stint with their parent team, the Dallas Fuel. Taimou’s run with the team in 2016-2017 was legendary. On their run prior to the Overwatch League, the team had a 57 plus, match win streak and they were one of the first western teams to win a tournament on South Korean soil with Team EnVyUs’ win at OGN’s Overwatch APEX Season 1

During the Fuel’s 2019 run, Taimou was often not seen or was seen sporadically. In an impassioned TwitLonger, he explained what was going on behind the scenes and how he felt about his situation on the roster.

“Our tryouts for starter spots were very short,” Taimou explained. “Maybe 2 days of scrims at max. I felt dumbfounded I didn't land myself a starter spot. It felt like a bad dream. I was on the bench but I still trusted the coaching staff’s vision and sucked it up for a while. I still felt like we could have been just as good with me in or maybe even better than what we did in stage 1 and 2. Or maybe it would have been a complete shit show from the start. We will never know. Either way, it was insanely hard for me to be on the bench. I couldn’t receive playtime either help to improve my play in a goats meta in ranked since it was just pointless.”

Accompanying his return to Team Envy looks to be an increase in playtime. In response to the announcement, he blushed about his future saying “I could have stayed benched whole year and get higher salary but instead I wanted to pursue happiness that is professional play again. Streaming's not it. 9-5 ain't it. Whatever game or league I’m gonna be playing until I'm 40 years old [boomer].”

After the recent release of Hafþór "Hafficool" Hákonarson and Seb "numlocked" Barton the team looks to be rebuilding for the upcoming 2020 Overwatch Contenders season.

Team Envy looks to bounce back after a disappointing 7-8th place performance at Overwatch Contenders’ finale, The Gauntlet. However previous to that, Envy finished first during Overwatch Contenders: North America 2018 Season 2 and performed very well at the Atlantic Showdown.

Team Envy are set to return with a vengeance during the Overwatch Contenders North America seeding tournament set to begin January 11th. As for the team’s parent company, the Dallas Fuel, the OWL begins on February 8th.

Images via Dallas Fuel and Blizzard Entertainment
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