Popular streamer, SypherPK, explains how to get your hands on the Galactus gun in Fortnite.

11:27, 15 Sep 2020

Popular streamer, Ali “SypherPK” Hassan, has revealed how you can get your hands on the rarest weapon in Fortnite, and it involves destroying the Galactus Drones.

Your reward? The Galactus Gun, which is an insanely powerful laser beam that will quickly disintegrate your foes.

It all stems from Chapter 2 Season 4's Marvel takeover. As the impending Nexus War draws nearer, more of Marvel's most popular superheroes are dropping into the battle royale, such as Iron Man, Thor, and even the fan favourite Groot. 


Fornite Thor and Groot.

So, how do you unlock the Galactus Gun?

In his recent video, SypherPK explained there are five easy steps to unlocking this.

  • Survive until the first ring closes.
  • A red light will appear in the sky, indicating where the Galactus drones will drop. Make your way there and locate the drones.
  • Commence battle against the Galactus drones that are there, targeting the smaller ones.
  • After destroying one of the small drones, the Galactus gun will drop, and you can then equip it before it despawns.
  • You will now have the Galactus Gun to use!

The gun will despawn quickly, so make sure you are close enough to be able to grab it. Then, enjoy watching your enemies perish before you as you go to town with the brutally lethal laser.

Beware though, with 100 people dropping in, there will be plenty of other players trying to get their hands on the Galactus gun too. Once you have the weapon, you can't build, unless you drop the gun, meaning it despawns. So calculating your attack may be key here.


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