The popular streamer Syndicate shared some top tips in his YouTube video on how to be the last team standing.

15:10, 17 Mar 2020

So far Tom “Syndicate” Cassell has dropped 25 wins on Call of Duty: Warzone. Out of the 104 games that he’s played he’s managed 676 kills on his way. Currently ranked within the top 500 players in the world on PlayStation for total wins, Syndicate shared some top tips in his YouTube video on how to be the last team standing. 

Tip 1: Scavenger Missions

Syndicate’s first tip is to utilise the scavenger missions from the moment you land. Locating these will mean that you can locate crates containing weapons, cash and armour as an alternative to looting several buildings. Whilst completing these objectives they act as a quick cash builder which is useful for the next tip: Loadouts and perks. Completing scavenger missions will also give you a cash multiplier to spend on Scorestreaks and revives.

Tip 2: Loadouts and perks.

With the bundles of cash that you will be gathering in the early game, it is recommended to save for your pre-made loadouts straight away. These will give you the edge over opponents whose loot may not be as good as yours. In the early stages of the game, Syndicate recommends a Sniper / AR class by using Overkill as your second perk. As most early encounters will be whilst the map is still large, the odds are that your opponents will be quite a distance away. Snipers have been a heavy feature of most players’ gameplay, with the thermal scope and 9 round magazine attachments being the most favourable. Using Overkill as your secondary perk means that when you have built up enough cash to get another loadout later in the game, you will be able to have 2 weapons the will favour you for more close quarters combat. 

By creating your second loadout as a SMG you can then either go for the sniper / SMG combo, or the AR / SMG combo, almost retaining your overkill perk and freeing a space for another secondary perk to be equipped in your second loadout. Depending on which you would prefer, Syndicate recommends either Pointbuilder, which generates additional cash in Warzone, or ghost which will keep you hidden from UAV’s. Other recommended perks are cold blooded which keeps you invisible from thermals which have been hugely popular.

Modern Warfare Warzone
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Tip 3: UAV’s

UAV’s are purchasable from the Buy Stations and can give you the added edge over players by revealing their locations on the mini map. However, one trick that has been discovered is that three back-to-back UAV’s creates an advanced UAV, better known as an Orbital VSAT. This tracks the exact location of people on your mini map and the direction they are facing, meaning that you can track down enemies quickly and even locate players with the Ghost perk attached.

Tip 4: Using the storm edges.

As per most Battle-Royale games, one tip Syndicate highlights is using the storm to your advantage. By keeping your back to the storm and rotating inwards, this limits the chance of you getting killed from behind. Players in the middle of the circle are very likely to be surrounded by all areas, meaning they are vulnerable from all angles. Using the storm to your advantage is a key component to surviving until the latter stages of the game.

Tip 5: Bounty missions.

Reveal positions on enemies, even if unsuccessful there is no penalty. If another squad wipes out the bounty team you will still receive some cash rewards. If you are the team with the bounty on you use helo’s and vehicles.

In addition to Scavenger missions, you can also locate Recon missions and Bounty missions on the map, both of which have their advantages. However, Bounties can both work in your favour and against you, so finding these may be the key to a successful game. Once a Bounty mission has been activated it will reveal the location of a team on the map, and they will become your target to eliminate. If successful in the elimination you will receive cash bonuses in addition to all the good loot that they will drop.

Even if this team is eliminated by somebody else whilst the bounty is active you will still receive a reward. There is also no penalty if you fail to complete it, therefore it may be useful to work as a UAV for one team. Syndicate also says that if the bounty is placed upon you, the best thing to do is to move around in vehicles such as the helicopters or the SUV’s. This limits your chance of being shot and will confuse opponents on your actual location.

Tip 6: Reversing vehicles.

Syndicates final tip to get yourself a win on Warzone, is when using a vehicle in combat, to reverse rather than drive forward. It is much easier to get shot through the window screen than through the back window as they are much smaller, and the rear of the vehicle is armoured. A word of warning though, a C4 or RPG to a vehicle will cause an explosion big enough to wipe out the vehicle and everyone inside it, so be careful when carrying around the full squad.

You can check out the full video here:

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