Symfuhny And Tfue Expose ‘Horrific’ Warzone Hacker On Twitch

Symfuhny And Tfue Expose ‘Horrific’ Warzone Hacker On Twitch

Written by 

Jack Marsh


28th Sep 2020 11:18

It's a new dawn, it's a new day, it's a new life... for hackers. Activision has still yet to implement solid anti-cheat software into Warzone, and hackers are using Verdansk as their playground.

This time, a ridiculously advanced cheater was exposed by huge streamers Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney and Mason ‘Symfuhny’ Lanier, as they were left stunned at the manner that they were deleted from the lobby.

After streaming for roughly three hours, the former Fortnite World Cup duo had taken to Warzone which they now spend most of their time on. Dropping in around the airport strip, they were quickly met with trouble, as a player with a custom M4A1 beamed Tfue in seconds and could be seen on the kill cam to show increasingly suspicious movement.

After shouting in frustration, Tfue claimed that the opponent was "100% cheating bro". Instead of asking to be bought back, the streamer began to spectate the player in question, which was an eye-opener for his 15,000 viewers.

After watching the enemy progress to the control tower, Tfue and Symfuhny were flabbergasted at how the player could break armour and down opponents from ridiculous ranges, with no recoil on his M4A1.

After being downed by an RPG, the hacker activated his most advanced cheats and began to pick players off in the hills nearly 400m away without missing a bullet. Eliminating players at will, he was branded as "a rat" by the streamers.

Fortunately, the player did not win the game, as he was met up-close by an overpowered Origin-12 in one of the many Police Stations in Verdansk. However, even with both players submitting a report, the hacker was not banned on-stream. The hacker will have likely been banned off-stream, however, he was still able to ruin many players' experiences.


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Image via Activision

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