Swedish Authorities Block Dota 2 TI10, Calls Into Question CS:GO Major

Swedish Authorities Block Dota 2 TI10, Calls Into Question CS:GO Major

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Jack Marsh


22nd Jun 2021 10:29

The most valuable competition in esports has been cast with a cloud of doubt, as the coronavirus pandemic continues to run riot through major tournaments.

Dota 2's The International 10 has been forced to find a new venue for its $40million prize pool, as Swedish authorities have blocked the event from taking place in their country.

The International was set to be held in Stockholm, after being cancelled from the same location last year, and is due to kick off in less than two months time. Valve has now confirmed that they will be forced to find an alternative place to hold their event.

Swedish authorities block The International

In a statement released by Valve, the Swedish Government have voted against holding the Dota 2 The International, and claims that they don't intend on allowing any esports events to be held in the country.

Valve said, "Despite previous reassurances, we were informed two weeks ago that the Swedish Sports Federation had just voted not to accept esports into the sports federation."

After appeals to make it an "elite sporting event" and further attempts to find a resolution, the Swedish authorities have made the final decision to not allow the event to take place, even going as far to say esports personalities will not be granted a visa on the terms of coming to Sweden to compete (other reasons will allow travel into the country, such as holidays).

Valve continued to say "We remain committed to hosting The International this year", before adding "We feel confident that in either instance we will have a solution that allows us to hold TI10 in Europe this year, and that we will be able to announce an updated plan in the very near future."

Swedish Rulings Throws CS:GO Major into doubt

Counter-Strike Global Offensive's PGL Major is also set to take place in Stockholm later this year, starting in October. 

Despite it being two months after The International, the PGL Major is now in serious doubt, with the Swedish Government's stance currently not admitting any esports events into their country.

Should the PGL Major also be cancelled, the CS:GO Major could look to Scandinavian neighbours Denmark, who recently revealed that they will be hosting the BLAST Premier Fall Finals, hosting up to 12,000 fans.

As the pandemic begins to phase back to normality, the potential for live esports events to be back in business draws ever closer, although a few more set backs are expected.


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