Superman Teased As New Fortnite Skin In Cryptic Tweet

Superman Teased As New Fortnite Skin In Cryptic Tweet

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Joseph Kime


7th Jun 2021 10:47

Fortnite, above all else, has made a name for itself as a purveyor of pop culture references. The battle royale title might have dominated the gaming space with its simple and infectious gameplay, but more often than not, it’s the game’s huge roster of skins that brings players back. From Alien to Terminator and Star Wars to Marvel, Fortnite’s third-party additions to the game have made it one to watch in the gaming world - giving players unbelievable customisation options and letting them rep their favourite films, footballers and franchises.

As a new season seems to be on the way, fan speculation has been rife as to which property will be joining the battle very soon. After The Mandalorian’s introduction at the start of Season 6, there are high expectations that the first skin drop of the season will be spectacular - and according to one teaser - one of the biggest icons in pop culture history could be coming to the game very soon.

Teaser Suggests Superman Coming To Fortnite

Superman Coming To Fortnite According To Official Teaser
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A new series of teasers have been releasing on Twitter from the official Fortnite account, dropping items onto fans’ dashboards. Items so far have included a toy of Fishstick an alien weapon and a carton of milk. These teasers have been somewhat tough to decipher, but the second series of images makes it a little easier.


The next series of images includes a guitar, another alien weapon that looks a little like a shotgun, and most importantly, a pair of black frame glasses. The caption of the tweet suggests that these could be the same glasses that Clark Kent wears to (pretty unsuccessfully to the reader) hide his identity as Superman. The caption reads “When placed onto the face this strange plastic device seemed to make us appear as unrecognisable. More testing required.”

This seems to be a pretty big hint that the Man of Steel could finally be making his debut in Fortnite. It’s about time, as his coworkers in the Justice League have been frequenting the battle bus for a little while now.

Superman would be a welcome addition to the game, and with his grasp on pop culture, it would solidify once again that Fortnite has the best pop culture references in gaming, let alone the battle royale genre.


Images via Warner Bros | Epic Games

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