Someone's Recreating Super Nintendo World In Minecraft

Someone's Recreating Super Nintendo World In Minecraft

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Jack Marsh


1st Feb 2021 16:30

Minecraft's majestic monasteries are a thing to behold. Over the years, we've seen players pour insurmountable hours into worlds as communities have erected entire universes such as the magical Hogwarts castle and the mythical lands of Middle Earth.

In the current landscape of the world amid the coronavirus pandemic, the world as we know it has become limited and wonderful breaks from reality have been forced to close their doors to large volumes of people. Distant holiday resorts and breakaway adventure parks have been hindered, making them seem as realistic as Harry Potter's platform nine and three-quarters in the minds of many.

One studio that has been hindered more than most, is Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan, a Mario and Luigi-infused theme park that has been forced to delay its opening. Even with the park set to open the doors to Princess Peach's mansion on February 14, the likelihood that anyone international will have the chance to enter this year is becoming increasingly unlikely. 

However, jump on your console or PC and you may well get to experience the whole park in block form.

Nintendo and Mojang have collided thanks to "Dippy22", who is currently "45 per cent" through recreating a 1:1 Minecraft model of the Nintendo World.

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Despite not being officially open, Dippy22 has taken full advantage of the video tour released by Nintendo and studied each angle of the viewing to build it in Minecraft.

The "Level 50 Grandmaster Network" already has a fully functional 3D entrance and the server continues to be built. Speaking in the description of his world, Dippy said "there will hopefully be 3D models of every unique design this land has to offer".

Should you be wanting to head over to Bowser's Castle or Yoshi's Adventure, it looks like you won't have to travel further than your own home thanks to Dippy. 


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Image via Planet Minecraft | Dippy22 | Mojang

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