It Looks Like Super Nintendo World Is Adding A Donkey Kong Expansion

It Looks Like Super Nintendo World Is Adding A Donkey Kong Expansion

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Tom Chapman


2nd Aug 2021 12:01

There ain't no party like a Mario party, but when it comes to Japan's Super Nintendo World, it seems the plucky plumber isn't enough to keep theme park patrons busy. According to reports, a Donkey Kong expansion is coming to Super Nintendo World.

While the idea of a Mario theme park has been in the works since 2015, our dreams finally came true when Super Nintendo World officially opened its doors on March 18.

COVID-19 threw a spanner in the works with a series of delays, and despite Super Nintendo World only just welcoming its first guests, are there already plans to expand beyond the Mushroom Kingdom?

Is a Donkey Kong expansion coming to Super Nintendo World?

The internet is currently awash with pictures that seem to show off construction on Super Nintendo World's Donkey Kong expansion. Although it's been heavily rumoured for a number of years, Nintendo and Universal are yet to officially announce a DK land. 

Notably, the backdrop of these construction photos looks suspiciously jungle-themed. Although Donkey Kong first appeared in 1981's Donkey Kong arcade game, he's since branched out to hold a whole franchise of his own that largely sees him at home in the jungle. Added to this, Mario Kart courses like DK Parkway, DK's Snowboard Cross, and DK Mountain have honoured the grouchy gorilla.

Casting our minds back, early concept models for Super Nintendo World showed off a Donkey Kong-themed area of the park that included a runaway minecart rollercoaster. Sadly, as work on Super Nintendo World started, there was no sign of that barrel-throwing brute.

Even though DK is MIA for now, visitors have noticed a locked door that looks like it's modelled on the franchise. If that wasn't enough, dataminers have uncovered assets for in-park Donkey Kong collectables in the Universal Studios Japan app.

When could the Donkey Kong expansion open at Super Nintendo World?

Remember that Nintendo hasn't even announced a Donkey Kong-themed park - suggesting it'll be a while before we're going on a jungle cruise. However, just like Nintendo theme parks are underway at Universal Studios Hollywood and the upcoming Universal's Epic Universe in Hollywood, a DK expansion could be a sign of things to come across the whole brand of parks.

Elsewhere, a Donkey Kong expansion would be well-timed with the rumoured franchise revival. The team behind Super Mario Odyssey is tipped to be working on a new Donkey Kong game, however, this year's all-star E3 came and went without even a mention of DK.

Of course, if a Donkey Kong expansion is coming to Super Mario World, it opens the door to a whole host of other additions. Imagine the money-spinning potential of Pokemon or Animal Crossing lands. Personally, we'd just love to see a world based on The Legend of Zelda that would bring Hyrule to life. Imagine running around in an adorable Skull Kid mask and heading to a Zora's Domain water park.


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