Super Mario Odyssey 2 Has Been Leaked

Super Mario Odyssey 2 Has Been Leaked

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Tom Chapman


13th Dec 2021 09:48

The odyssey isn't over just yet, with fresh reports suggesting Nintendo is working on Super Mario Odyssey 2. Like the lauded Super Mario Galaxy, that portly plumber might not be ready to leave this part of the Mario franchise behind yet.

Released in 2017, Super Mario Odyssey was one of the Nintendo Switch's flagship titles and sits up there with Breath of the Wild and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe as one of its best sellers. Following in the footsteps of the Wii's Super Mario Galaxy, Odyssey delivered another open-world blockbuster. 

What's The Super Mario Odyssey 2 Leak?

According to a post on Twitter, Super Mario Odyssey 2 could already be a reality. Better yet, we could finally be able to play as Luigi - which is a nice nod to those forgotten Super Mario 64 legends. If to be believed, Super Mario Odyssey 2 will be branded "The Second Act" and feature 1-2 players through local online and co-op.

The description reads, "Explore even more bizarre and beautiful landscapes as you discover, capture, and control new enemies. Join forces with new and old familiar friends as you battle against Bowser and his loyal goombas." Along for the ride, there will apparently be Luigi and Cappy's BFF called Bowler. Personally, we hate the name. 

Finally, the scoop claims there are 20 new locales, a remodelled Odyssey ship, and more sidekicks thanks to the addition of Yoshi. It all sounds very Mario, but is it the real deal?

Is The Super Mario Odyssey 2 Leak Real?

Let's remember this isn't the first we've heard of Super Mario Odyssey 2. Back in 2019, a sketchy rumour surfaced on 4chan - but with the site's questionable history, most just ignored it. A Super Mario Odyssey sequel was always expected, and while it seemed too early a few years ago, this latest leak sounds a lot more plausible. 

Then again, anyone who's ever picked up an N64 controller and played a classic Mario game will know the above description and details could've been easily cooked up by a sneaky Koopa Troopa. The leak apparently originated during a survey where gamers were grilled on potential game titles.

The fact the Sonic Frontiers leak turned out to be legit gives some credence to this Super Mario Odyssey 2 myth being more of a fact, but we'll have to wait for Nintendo to confirm or deny. We've always known another 3D Mario platformer was likely, but just not what or when. 

The House that Mario built is usually pretty on it with this kind of thing, so we'll have to wait and see if Mario is jumping down the warp pipe anytime soon or Bowser is sat there doing his "mwuhaha" laugh. 


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