Super Mario 64 Modder Recreates Minecraft In-Game

Super Mario 64 Modder Recreates Minecraft In-Game
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Joseph Kime


14th Sep 2021 14:27

Super Mario 64 is a classic for a reason - bringing the platformer to the third dimension for the first time successfully. Arguably, this 1996 classic hasn’t been beaten since. The iconic platformer set the standard, and has since been loved across the world. It’s also been modded within an inch of its life.

And now, one ambitious modder has combined two very popular games and created a brilliantly peculiar video game mashup.

Modder Combines Super Mario 64 and Minecraft

Posting on Twitter, modder pdxdylan has found a way to combine both Super Mario 64 and Minecraft to an incredibly silly effect. The video he has shared shows the low-poly model of Mario from the game running around a Minecraft world, swimming, jumping and punching his way through it.

"I’m working on a #Minecraft mod that runs the Super Mario 64 engine!” he says in his tweet announcing the modding foray. “It’s very WIP right now but here’s some highlights."

The movements of Mario look exactly as they did in the original game, carrying over the same physics from the classic platformer to Minecraft. It even has details like Mario leaping into the air when touching lava, or the ability to swing and hang from iron bars.

It’s a great little mod, but seeing a mod is only half of the fun - so how can we play it?

How To Download The Super Mario 64 Mod In Minecraft

Sadly, the mod isn’t likely to see the light of day for fans to get their hands on. Dylan replied to his original tweet later on, saying that he "didn’t expect this to gain traction so quickly so I should prob. Clarify: Due to how Nintendo deals w/ fan projects (DMCAing em) I sadly can’t promise a download, either now or in the future. The most I can do now is post silly videos of what I do in-game with it."

It’s a shame that Nintendo’s past with threatening fans has led us to a position where dedicated and hard-working creatives aren’t allowed to offer their work even for free, especially when it keeps us from getting to play daft mods just like this one.

Either way, it’s a great mod - and one that rather makes us want to return to Bob-Omb Battlefield all over again.


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