The Suez Simulator game brings the plight of the Ever Given to life in Mythical City Games' well-timed simulator title.

13:28, 01 Apr 2021

If you've ever fancied yourself as a master of the Seven Seas, there's a Suez Canal simulator where you can test out your skills as the captain of your very own cargo ship. While this might sound like a pretty mundane idea, the recent incident of the headline-grabbing Ever Given has shown the Suez Canal can be a hotbed of action. There's something about simulator games that we all find relaxing. From the golden age of Theme Hospital and Sim City through to modern interpretations like Animal Crossing: New Horizons, we plough hours into seemingly simple sim games.

For those who want a taste of these wild waters and the logistical nightmare of navigating the stretch between the Mediterranean and the Red Sea, wonder no more, Suez Simulator is here to satisfy that itch. The brainchild of Mythical City Games lets you sail the iconic stretch of water with your precious cargo on board.


What is the Suez Canal simulator game?

Now that Ever Given is free, you can relive the excitement in the Suez Canal Training Simulator from r/gaming

Available via Itch.ioSuez Simulator promises to be a fun-filled day on the water. The game's description explains, "Ever wanted to become a captain? a container ship captain?  This highly accurate simulator training system allows you to learn the ins and outs of captaining a ship through the Suez Canal". While you playing, you'll learn how to pilot a ship, care for containers, see the sights, and importantly, "not get stuck". Perhaps the best bit about Suez Simulator is the fact you can rename your ships. Boaty McBoatface anyone?

Mythical teased fans by saying there are upcoming features that include, "The Suez Canal MMO, Full RPG with a 20 hour storyline, VR Mode, Space Canal Simulator, Death on the Suez (FPS), and Canal Royal (Battle Royal)". Sadly, it rounded off with "not really". That's a shame, we could really see a Call of Duty: Warzone-inspired map based around the Suez. 


The latest bizarre bit of Suez and gaming crossovers comes after the Ever Given incident was modded into Microsoft Flight Simulator (because why not?). Considering the Ever Given's predicament was dubbed a crisis and blocked one of the biggest shipping routes in the world, it's no surprise developers want to cash in on its hype while they still can. When it comes to Suez Simulator, you'll find out what getting your boat stuck will cost in both physical and monetary terms. Let's find out if you're the next Captain Phillips. 


Are there more Suez Canal simulator games?

Ironically, this isn't the only Suez Canal game we've found out there. There's also the upcoming release of's more realistic Suez Canal Simulator. Coming to Steam on April 20, the game will apparently let you journey the "600 kilometers of continuous uninterrupted ship tracks for hundreds of hours of enjoyment". Here, players will be able to "travel in either direction North or South from 100 kilometers out in the Mediterranean Sea or the Red Sea through the 193-kilometer-long Suez Canal". If you're already sold, there are plans for a Panama Canal Simulator expansion for later in the year. 


Finally, designer Eric Wilder has dropped Suez Canal Bulldozer on You take on the role of the plucky dozer trying to free the Ever Given, but with it being a seemingly impossible task, players are constantly hit by a message saying "It's super stuck". Speaking to Kotaku, Wilder explained that he made the game due to the hilarious memes of the tiny bulldozer trying to free the massive ship. “I just thought the futility of the meme was hilarious,” said Wilder. "Had to spin that into a game".

So, there you have it. why have one Suez Canal game when you can have three? Now the Ever Given has finally been freed from its sandy prison, we're guessing the plethora of simulator games will die down. While this nautical drama is still fresh in everyone's minds, why not give the games a go?



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Images via Mythical City Games

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